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monkey's back in banff to play some more music.
it's a strange thing in a sense, to be back here.
so many things have changed since that time i signed the initial contract in december 2008. not only professionally but inter/intra-personally, which not only involves self but others as well. i went from having no plan, hoping that plan will fizz out and that i will be another average person with average wage, doing the average things to, well, being a monkey.

calling self a monkey gives a great freedom somehow i think. just cannot take the self seriously. there will be much music playing starting tomorrow. already i have fit in a demanding rehearsal and there'll be plenty more. would i drown? i hope not! there are people who loves and believes in me which are priceless- it was great to see the old staff back, all smiling and welcoming. even when i had read the initial contract wrong and had to reprimand by showing up at the airport for 7am, ha ha. but the important thing is that logistics have been taken care of and now i can go on and try to do much music most justice i can. alrighty then.

it's falling a light blue dusk here and i am wondering if the stars are as bright as it used to be in the winter; the cold air really brings clarity to the atmosphere and being in the city, in middle of yyz, i have missed such calming presence. the same kind of stars i have seen recently in uk. cool, beautiful, too nice to have it all by self.

im going to fold that thought and put them carefully, perhaps wrap it in nonexisting muslin cloth. and then send it off with red balloons, tied to it, lighter than air. many good wishes from the mountains for everyone, from monkey. this is another starting point. so many things already have taken place in the rockies this year- finding self, music (again), joy, a daft comrade, many friends and the feeling that can lift the weight of the world, and most enjoyably, the idea of co-existing with another, which, by itself, brings a tsuanmi of warmth to my world.

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