'someone likes you enought to be a true nuisance'

i am so knackered after a jolly pint (okay well more than one. now that's progress. back in beginning of may, you would had to pay a rather handsome, large sum of money for monkey to drink a bitter. now. well. im a total toast), a good practice session (nothing like a practice post-pint. somehow, it feels so much better though it probably is sounding so much more entertaining), a good long bike ride around the town and a killer shower/bath.
but somehow i have this compulsive need to make a public announcement.

there are a few people in this world that i really dearly love.
now, dont get smartypants on me and start asking questions such as:
what is love?
how do you define love?
what if your definition of love is different from mine?
what if it's love that hurts?
what kind of love?

those questions are reserved for semiotics discussion. perhaps etymology or cultural studies as well. pub talk, a general topic that gets chewed till the end. like an old piece of gum that is about to disintegrate in one' mouth. ewww. if one needs to explain the word, then clearly, we arent on the same page.

for the sake of monkey's short but somehow eternally far journey to the basket (i would sleep very well right now), we'll just leave the word love as is. and we'll just stick with the short point that monkey dearly loves her friends.

who are her friends? well, if you have to ask.. you may return to the 3rd paragraph. you know who you are. and ive been super duper crazy lucky about the fact that wherever i go, how long i am away for, some things never change. including friends. it's been a rather sparse as far as actual reconnection, email, phonecalls are concerned. after all, monkey's been a nomad for quite and bit and being a phonephobe does not help anyone at this point.


i am going to hope that such feelings needlessly communicate themselves for all parties involved, and that is that.
i dig my friends.
as individuals, we are all kinda wackos. somehow, a big group of mismatched characters. but with all our dents, past, present and feelings/ aspirations/ actions/ whatever-fills-yer-boots-at-the-moment, i know that we all enrich one anothers' lives. it just wont be the same even if just one small part of a person be missing.

and therefore, monkey's gonna continue to be a nuisance. after all, being a true nuisance takes some serious work and dedication. as the picture can exemplify: sometimes i cant believe im 30 and still making doodles on peoples' hands, whether they are awake or passed-out. squick.

but the truth may be that it wont matter if they are asleep or awake. we are all just happy to be co-existing and co-relating. ooooh more squicks. wagging. and now. to basket. mm..z. z. z...
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