(a found note from the hallway)

hullo(mellowed out)
mmm. opiate. tasty.

*seriously it is just painkillers for popped shoulder. monkey took a spec-ta-cu-lar flip on ground on air and took a shoulder out. am good. (wag index finger) may be.. too good!! anyhows.

sorry, monkey's being nutters. ahahaha.
am rolling into bed, tail curled and tucked underneath the shirt
which is a little wet from ice pack but am happy
*monkey cant really raise right arm enough to take a shirt off so. that meant going to bed with the same shirt on. hmm. oh well.

knowing that you are there, well. here. breathing. living. loving.
busy being _____.

am sorry ive been a lousy-ish company,
and i do really appreciate the fact that i can just be myself,
even when it's less than spectacular times,
that i am loved. because i happened to be me. and that you just need me.
not a version or me, or just part of me, but me.

thank you ______.
i love you and now monkey to basket.
and. boy. when i think of you,
it flutters. butterflies.

*total public bragging. thank to opiates i have no shame. for now. when it runs out, i will take some more. ha. droooool.

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  1. Awwww. It is good to see you happy though. When do I get to meet him? When do I get to see you? Are you in toronto this summer at all?