monkey as part of intimate group of friends

a short one. i had 1.5 pints and am quite sleepy from it. good old friends from utoronto days. and unexpected quark running- to my old friend who is leaving town on sunday to study ethnomusicology in texas! what a variety of people. the topics of the night were all over the place, as people are also all over the map. but out of all those people, i have to say the company of particular fluties (thats what i have been calling them for ages for some reason), esp. miss LB and miss CH are always enjoyable. and i am glad to think that it's mutual- yay.

miss L's off to start masters of music-flute in montreal and miss CH's been working diligently on her phd thesis ever since the unicorn appeared (last year her university had so many ups and downs and i have a great admiration for the way she dealt with all that paper crap and going to UN meetings blah blah so many things. she's a super woman). and mr. AN is about to start a degree at utoronto, which is pretty sweet. fab. btw, mr. AN takes a very significant role because he makes miss CH happy. yep. that's what counts in life.

toronto city-wide strike, documentary food inc., michael pollan and eric scholosser, joel salatin, ethical choices and awareness, human rights, sexism, protection of the weak, health care and taxation, duties of civilian in a society, music, nonse words, beer, all things that looks really far apart but really close together- these were just part of the things we have consumed tonight. the best thing however, is the chance and the grace of my friends who are willing to share their time and voices, and who do share it freely with me. no charges, no guilt, no nothing. just being there, knowing from this point to the next, we'll all go on and pick up all these small bits and pieces of interests, until we can all share them again.

it could be a bizarre concept to share such intimacy with other individuals, considering that we dont get to see one another all that often. a good example out of this group would be monkey- mr. salamander. but let's clarify what monkey means by intimacy, as it is primarily used in physical context now days. im looking into somewhat larger meaning of the word and rather than me talking about it, i may just let the word speak itself through its biography:

the word intimacy
derived from the english word intimate
derived from the latin word intimus (inmost; most secret; most intimate)
derived from the latin word intimatus
derived from the late latin word intimare (tell, tell about, relate)

it is a human privilege to be able to relate to another person. and it's even better to take the chance to foster a relationship with another. eventually to the level of intimacy. and i really do sense that my friends are accepting and challenging simultaneously, which is a real nice. like well-matched tennis game. it's not boring, not comfortable, but meaningful and there's always more to go around for the next time.

and it is such a joy to know that regardless of the present distance or time differences, that i could be, and am intimate with another individual, to a degree that neither of 'us' stands as individual, but is redefined as 'we.'

and now. to basket. with all kinds of red dots with weight lighter than helium, floating across the physical distances.

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