good bye summer

this very evening, monkey sent a big chunk of her life off in a silver metal bullet across the puddle. now in this quiet space, the summer basket have magically hit the pumpkin moment and turned into an ordinary sublet, however nice. the end of the summer breeze, welcoming just couple days ago, now feels chilly.

the end of summer came a week ago, with that massive tornado/storm that hit southern ontario. monkey, mr. salamander and monkey's nutter brother were at canada's wonderland and unfortunately we were soaked, trying to get to the darn car in the parking lot. ever since that raging rain, the city has been dropping its sunglasses in favour for a long sleeved shirts and scarves.

sneaky end of the summer. it was also there at the CNE on monday. the evening air cool and crisp, the summer laughter and excitement being replaced by sobering evening wind and early setting sun. unlike the peak of the summer where sun is still felt from the hot asphalt ten pm in the evening, the road is cold to barefoot, forcing reappearance of socks and shoes.

and then there it was for monkey, today. last stroll for mr. salamander in in/famous yorkville, walls already plastered with TIFF posters (toronto international film fest, happens in sept), we casually went for an ice cream. a single scoop of summer blueberries. alas. a fatal choice. ever since that cone, monkey's been hit hard and heavy with massive acute gastrointestinal crisis. should i have been able to burp at will, i would be a happy camper i suppose, but at this point, after all those hours, the ice cream cone still sits heavy. mr. salamander described me as 'half-folded,' ha ha. funny as it is, it is still true. darn it.

summer ice cream cone is a sign of relief and enjoyment. frivolity and gaiety. instead, monkey is for some reason being rather cruelly subjected to unforeseen pain. but then who knows, it may not be the ice cream cone at all. it could be the simple fact that mr. salamander have officially boarded the flying silver bullet heading to east. he's probably skipping couple time zones, wave a greetings to an unruly puppy in 3tz, then land in MAN, where the usual mr. salamander life will greet him: friends, work, boys, uneven planes, etc.

curled up on way back from the airport, the cool evening was rather cruel to the skin. goosebumps everywhere. seeking refugee in hot water bath, monkey laid in the bathtub, which seemed infinitely big. so it was okay for me to shed a tear or two. not a big difference. all in the big pool of water, bubbles which eventually pops and disappears, faint smell of the bath soaps, and shivering, folded-in-half, big chunk of life sent off in a massive gargantuan object in sky, the hole, now filled with unyielding menace of former ice cream cone.

next week, am off to nyc. when i booked that ticket, i thought september would be a nice autumn time to visit nyc. no longer sweltering lingering heat of rotting garbages and sheer traffic. and yes, it is here. autumn have arrived. funny enough, rather than a gentle transition, all came to a change very suddenly, like a book with missing pages.

tomorrow morning, monkey'll be up with slightly reddish eyes (so i am a bit melodramatic) and hopefully renewed curiosity for life minus the stomach distress. plunge into fall of 2009. i just hope that fall of 2009 will fly swiftly as the sweet summer of 2009, to carry me over to the much anticipated winter of 2009. a new chapter. tabula rasa. awaiting. with all the crayons markers colours and hopes.

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