midbosses can be terrible

monkey's been battered with stupid insomnia for couple days, well, nights recently. why? i have zero clue. i was thinking may be it's because my gastrointestinal system has been kinda touchy. then was it touchy and caused insomnia or did insomnia caused gis to be touchy? well, i dont really know. no worries. there are no real mess. just. that. feeling. of. oh. gawd. my. tea. is. still. there. and. it's. tea. time.

may be i am just not tired enough- it is true that monkey's a bum at the moment till sept., just some odd works here and there. at least till tuesday. then life'll fill up fast am sure. so came the desperate 8 miles runs. 8 miles is a quite a distance. not the distance i want to run for a fun. i would even debate whether i would run that far for my life. seriously. but why not. so i log to the ymca and ran twice. 16 miles in two days. huffing puffing sweaty the whole works. then a long soak. (im really making this insomnia glamorous at this point i think). result: bright eyed, if rather annoyed monkey at 3am. wtf.

the last resort would be pharmaceutical holiday. but, let's see if i would be that desperate. pharmaceutical holidays should be reserved for fun, not for practicality. by wednesday comes and im still not logging sleep, i am sure i will take some holidays. hoo..r...a... drool......y...

anyhows, monkey's playing organ. no, not that kind of organ. a church organ. now it sounds even more obscene. anyhows, im filling in my old post at the gigantic korean church for a bit, i will do that much for money. and a deity. and a whole a lot of people. and granny (the lady gets some unreasonable amount of happiness when i play at the church. weird).

anyhows, so last night, i timed-in at the north end of the town at the gene pools. civilized evening with gene pools and things were even alright. rather touching. now. let's remember this is only wknd no. 3. hmm..... and after a rather ungraceful struggle with skype (why is that things would just suddenly give you problems when you really want to use it? things arent stupid. i think they are actually too smart. bastas.), monkey desperately tried to sleep.

i read books that used to send me to bed. like some music ed textbook. why is it in my gene pools place? i think i rent it to the male gene pool and he used to glance to put himself to sleep as well. instead of bringing respite, it brought. well. annoyance and awareness (of all the holes in textbooks about education. i mean. how do you educate education?). i tried herbal tea with honey. sent me to bathroom half hour later. may be i should not have drank the whole pot. then tried taking a soak in the tub. got tooo interested in reading the back of the shampoo bottles (monkey's bro got this anti-balding shampoo and i was trying to figure out what makes it tick. still have no idea). listened to slow youtube clips of.. well, atmospheric bands. still nothing. actually listened to different versions (sigur ros' got tonnes of live perf clips. amazing band. loved their last show at omaha).

so comes the morning. i look not so pretty. according to gene pools, i looked 'like crap,' thanks mother. i ended up making a smarty remark that well the crap had to come from somewheres. reciprocated with rather delayed rolled eyes in the car ride. get to the haus de jesu. casa de deus. church. monkey: WORK.

there was a time long time ago when i was in early undergrad days. spent three days up straight. then came the infamous time to go play for sunday gig. i fell asleep on the organ. see, it's quite a feat. im short and organ bench's tall. i cant really lean anywheres to sleep. but after years or practice, i got good enough to just keep kinda straight back and noz..z..z... and then one day i fell off. in middle of sermon. bha, blah, blah.. and then... BAM! monkey was smitten.

after that. well, let's say i was rather careful. i remember the concerned look: omg, are you okay? i was muttering to a friend of mine, a doctor (a useful doctor): just tell them it's temporary. he looked at my crap face, result of three straight days of debauchery, and laughed: yep, it's temporary alright. hey yo it's not my fault for being respectful to not to take an upper hit while at a service. no coffee is allowed in the sanctuary.

and so today, im making a biggest effort to stay up. UP MONKEY UP. dont doze! and i made it through. but isnt it crazy? jesus says.... those who are burdened, come follow me (prob to the church), and i will give ye rest (matt 11:28). and you know, for the guy who turns water to wine (though there's no mentioning of quality), he's a good man. hey he even knew how to handle awkward crowd like hookers and fishy men. and if everything the bible say is true, his dad, deus, sounds like a nice guy as well. god is comfort, rest, protector, love, everything good. even forgives for a job.

and then: it's really god's people who says THOU SHALL NOT FIND REST IN A SERVICE HOWEVER BURNED YOU ARE. ironic? yes. true? yes. made monkey laugh? yes. snicker. that snicker earned some diiiiiirty looks though. come on, wasnt i supposed to go to church for some good news? what's so bad about enjoying some good news? gaaaaah. ha ha ha. ya... im sure the big man's a nice dude. but man. his butlers can be such tighta**s. oh well, it's not my job to dictate appropriate behaviors, but to receive 'appropriate instructions.' and i do have immense hope about re-awakening my ability to sleep while perched on organ bench. it should be something like riding a bike. i think.

i hope insomnia situation improves. if not. well. i will die eventually. i will just want to die earlier than scheduled (or is this the way im supposed to go? one will never know)

in a short catch up with mr. salamander, i have expressed this god-inspired irony and he couldnt help it but laugh himself. probably he wasnt helped by the fact he was knackered as well. ha ha. it's interesting sometimes that the mid-bosses really get in the way of an employee's relationship with.. well the big boss. perhaps it would be less troublesome if i could catch some sleep this week. and hella yes, im not running tomorrow. if 16 miles wont put be to bed, 24 miles wont work either. how do i know? i am LAZY.
g'nite to you and ah.... bright freaking night for monkey. perhaps monkey's wish came true. im living in bst whilst my body is lagged in est. how inconvenient.

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