timber (crash) ouch.

a short entry for tonight, reason: dumb, well-earned dull pain on left side of my skull.
(if it is empty, why is it so heavy and clumsy?)

it's all very simple. for some bizarre reason, ive been getting black outs here and there. no, not the alcohol related black outs. just no-fun-related-no-glory-black-outs. the ones that come all the sudden- like when you get up, the world goes- blank. it's kinda too exciting for a late saturday nights at the gene pools' place.

luckily, mom-dad went to bed and granny was in the kitchen bustling.
so no one is gonna fuss over. small victory.

i had some interesting discussion with male gene pool unit about the variety in different senses of humour among different individuals, which i wanted to rant about. however.
this is effectively prevented by unforeseen dull pain. ouch. i shouldve been more careful.

the recent showering of this out-of-world experiences been going on for a bit, including banff. i suspect that i probably blacked out to flip on air to pop a shoulder. brilliant. but the curious thing would be why?

i had batteries of tests done when i was an undergrad as i was getting significant amount of surprises during the day/night from myself, mostly two things: blackouts and this weird icicle-piercing-through-ribcage pain. it went on for a bit and my doctor sent me to various tests, including an isotope test, which i ended up getting mildly poisoned (overdosed) for. knocked me out for two days flat. haha. but the good thing about that was that all tests show that monkey's cardio units work fine mostly. it's probably either due to: psychosomatic feeding-loop or some unknown reason stuff. it may come it may go, you may have to live with it, said the m.d.

(i couldve said it myself without getting poked to death)

anyways. banff fall was dramatic. this one, not so much. i was just taking a half bath and thought hey, it be time to head to basket, so got up, then- somehow, i ended up with a busting pain on my head. good job monkey.

i wonder if i am en route to de-evolution. someone's gotta be dumb sometimes.
or may be it's my blood sugar! may be i should eat more! (like you 'would' agree if you ever seen me eat ever) (not only i will be falling next time, but even with more gusto, as heavier weight would generate much more momentum. brilliant) (another de-evolutionary step i think)

crap. it hurts.
im pissed.
and yes, this is a real rant.
gosh, i havent done one in awhile.
may be i was due for one?

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