i had cake(s) and i ate them too.

(The sharing of the cake between the Lion and the Unicorn, illustration from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll 1832-98)

saturday 26 sept 2009 was a busy day. also a quasi-important day. it was my gene pools' b day celebration with couple of their friends. mom calls on thursday afternoon asking for impressive cake. for saturday. i thought she was mad.

but a mission is a mission and i will get it done, teeth and nails, begging on knees or searching high and low on yelp/chowhound/brain etc whatevers. it was rather brain bursting as my dear lovely friend was still intown, with such a lovely after-glow if receiving strad baby. one cannot help be be infected by such joy. a pure joy. this lady. i tell ya. a real class. a real kickbutt fiddler. a kick butt friend. and an honest person. however, most importantly, a dearest monkey friend.

anyways, long story short, i did manage to put in an order for two whole cakes from futures bakery in annex. i refused to get grocery store cake- nothing wrong with it, but if it was going to be such b day, i wanted to give them something special. real cake. and why two? well gene pools the female, is very very generous (i really ashamed- i wish i was that generous) and thought there HAVE TO BE ENOUGH LEFT for all kinds of peeps. including restaurant servers. and two wouldve been appropriate as mom/dad both turned sixty this year. though they are gonna celebrate her 60th b day next year (it has to do with this social circle they are involved with. some scheduling stuff etc), mom was GONNA GET A CAKE.

and nay to cheapo cake impostors. screw the freakin tinned sugar frosting *barf.

the traffic was nightmare. monkey brother and granny drove back from land of detroit so they were tired, cafe was busy, seemed to be hasty and unorganized, etc. however. we got cakes. and two cake toppers. i will put some pictures of them i think. tonight, sitting on top of massive cakes, they did look classy. and one of the cakes: my favorite. phantom. hazelnut, ganache, real cream frosting, chocolates, coffee, droooooooooooool.

we got there. took picutres, entertained, fed, and there was nuff cake for everyone. i want cake now. again. then i realized. i really was desperate for a piece of cake. anyone who was bothered by the rude crackbook update is prob familiar with monkey frustration: wants cake. now. (20 september at 01:22) and i finally had cake! two whole cakes! hell yes!

gene pool offered to pay for cake. i demanded eternal gratitude. don't think they are going to pay up.or even negotiate. ha.gene pools parents friends wished to make monkey sing. monkey was stuffed with cake.

that's right, i finally had that piece of cake i wanted.i do get everything i want if i am just being patient,and not forget the things that i have wished and wanted.for being impatient, not only one loses little joys of anticipation,but also loses the general aim of the projectile,hence loses all happiness related to the objectives,therefore should one eventually get his hands on it, it have already lost its meanings.how simple how clear and how difficult it seems for certain things.like half-opened roll of hobnobs. i think that just calls for... obliteration.

but i am slowly learning to be patient.esp. with such joys in anticipation.85 days till silver bullet

ride. to home. i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)i am never without it(anywhere i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing,my darling). ooh ee cumming. oops. i digressed. sorries. anyways.

and another dovetail. peeps were amazed by intensity of the other cake. BW chocolate cake. and i had explain- it is good, but you do need a kick butt straight from grave electrifying espresso or at least an americano, unseasoned and unadulterated so that it's black dark and bitter. when paired with bitter, it will be real nice. and just recently mr salamander and monkey had a sharing about melancholy- about how one can appreciate dark pathos of life better when one is well- happy, joyous, loved, etc. (have to do with this bitter tango latin song, tarde. breaks one's heart. really.) what a coincidence.

anyways. nuff lessons from cakes. now basket. $hite. it is T-5 hrs till dept to casa de deus, then off to yyz terminal to board a bullet to yyc. to banff. last seg. before a short jaunt in yyc-yyz to load the springs to fly to man in dec. 85 days. yay.

and the lee family was happy.


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