i was just looking then...!!

the joy of applications are overwhelming at times. no matter how many of them i have done before, the one that's on the desk always looks the least interesting. every school job events you name it, they got their own agenda, their own lingos, their own deadlines (the most devastating of all) and fees (compare to deadlines it's all starting to look like peanuts).

monkey was casually musing in front and randomly decided to look at deadlines of things that i wanted to get done(or may be a nudge from some deity who took pity on this oblivious being). and this includes the dreaded applications for next fall. why dreaded? well, because i thought (which was true) that since i will be filling out an application in a different education system, that there is a good possibility that i wont understand a thing. so really, i was just going to take a casual look at it, take a dramatic sigh, then move onto something even more mundane, perhaps to look up why in the world kayne west did what he did in the mtv award.

not that i take a great interest in mtv and general pop culture (i wish i could; life would be much more maddening), but that particular incident sound way out of whack. well, more than to see how sorry he is or what made him do it, i wonder what beyonce is thinking since she was so passively associated with the incident- i mean, she shot a video and now it's in middle of this crazy pop controversy. ha ha. and i also wonder why people are upset about obama calling kayne a jackass. if not a jackass what was he at that moment? a prophet? high out of his ass? please. a jackass would be a mild compliment. americans need to stop blaming their current presidents for their problems- the wars, economic crash, housing burst (which really is fault of bush junior) to obesity, shitty health care etc (which is fault of everyone). anyways. now kayne says he's sorry. ooh. apology. gosh. so now the good old fashioned puritan america is supposed to say president has been harsh? wtf.

anyways. the casual look ended up being a bit of a panic moment. why? i was so naive to believe that things like school applications are always due in december or january. because well, it always has been. didnt even think twice. and then all north american music school start their auditions in the new years time, usually the peak being late jan-late feb. well. WRONG.

the application is due for 1 oct 2009! for fall 2010! @#$#!

luckily it mentions that for overseas kids they are willing to reschedule the audition (thank gawd. if i had to buy another plane ticket i may just go broke this year really; but may be they'll like the fact that monkey's busy knocking keys in banff meanwhile?) so hopefully that'll work out okay. and im kinda on it. only if i could understand the CUKAS english (conservatory united kingdom admissions system i suppose?). i mean.. i cant even find an option to put my degrees. i have no idea how to do it. so far, i have a high school diploma on my credentials. ha ha.

it's another hasty process for monkey. i swear to gawd earlier this year that i will be taking care of this application slowly and surely but boy someone had a different agenda all together. i am hoping that i could get this particular application done before i live to banff (holy crap that's like may be a week at the most. where did my time go?) and perhaps one more (just because putting your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. or so they say.) then perhaps think of audition programs and such. find instrumentalists. seek and ask for references.

i honestly dont even remember how i applied for my undergraduate program. or masters. in fact. only one i remember is my doctoral program. the other things mustve been painless. or at least as expected. isnt it amazing- the power of... surprises!

so like a rabbit who just got poked with a stick or something- perhaps more like a tortoise with ass on fire, i am on these papers like a mofo. and i really hope something will come across in terms of funding and all those happy things. i am slightly worried- what if i dont make it? but then i suppose that is not up to me at all. it is up to them. i can only be who i am and who i could be. and may be that'll be good enough. or better than the minimum. whichever.

monkey is returning to the paper mountains. wish me luck. it is a somewhat single minded goal for me right now. 2010 fall. start school in manchester. full pop. we'll see how it all goes.

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