jumbles of last two days

couple things from recent- well last two days really!

this is new monkey residency from now till dec 12. that's really not that long is it- september is over and october will just roll on and then as you wake up sober from halloween madness, the trees will be naked and cold will hopefully roll on. beautiful cold majestic blue and grey. can't wait. inst of lloyd hall of banff center, which is what they give you as default, i asked to be located at farrally hall for some humanity. lloyd is nice but it's too professional. so quiet. all closed doors. farrally's got fireplace. no contest there really. i hope all works out alright, fire or not.

monkey's gene pools turned 60 this year. both of them. as traditional koreans, they, well their friends decided to have a shindig at a local restaurant. monkey cake stuff was related to this. this was the first cake topper made for dad. flowery eh. take that dad. ha ha ha. i think it's rather nice. and that cake rocked. mmm.

i feel quite not so sensible putting this picture up since i try to remain somewhat discreet. but this is a nice one of them and they are too preoccupied to 'discuss' something with me. how nice. as busy immigrant family we dont seem to have the luxury to do small or even big things such as birthday celebrations. i feel quite- hmm, not sad, but would consider it unfortunate. if you have the choice and decide not to celebrate i think that's okay but if you are just too worn out to raise a pitn, then.. i think something needs to be done. fast. mom/dad, please stay healthy and feisty till you at least retire or something. whoelses gonna yell at me and ask the same questions for millionth time without worrying about monkey shit splats?

caketopper for mom. at the end, only thing that count is love. awww. gag. anyways. this one was a little toooo girlie i thought but that's what she gets for trying to shove girliness to monkey when she was a child. i like making knickknacks like this. perhaps if piano doesnt work out, i should look into this. ha ha.

greetings from banff everyone. i miss you all- julian, cheryl, lina, danni, davidb, davido, piers, the list would go on and on. but i am also happy to see you all- julie, geoff, mhiran etc. and looking forward for new buddies and old connections who i will have such a pleasure to meet in banff- simon, scott, etc. i am so lucky. i wonder if i could get fit on top of it as well. all the sudden i think i shouldve just stayed in lloyd. i could be a little piggy going from room to dining hall, through elevator. rolling around. ah.. NOT!

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