nyc interim report

monkey and PO have been roaming nyc and i cant help it but feel a bit like a miniature king-kong. it's been an interesting trip so far in a sense that i am actually travelling in a third place with another person (i am a usually a lone traveller-) and boy that brings out details that i need to think about- simple things as do we walk or take the transit to whether to buy internet at the hotel (at 10 bucks a day! gawd!! well, obviously we succumbed and now am musing on web. so much for 'sticking it out' monkey!) (but that also meant monkey may be able to catch up with mr. salamander at some point which would be... good).

anyways, back to the nyc trip itself, we got through the border through yyz-lga which was less crazy than many other times i remember travelling as a student, thank god. but flying two propellers trotter was a bit noisy. but thank gawd, monkey slept through most of it. hooray. btw, did you know that matt's tomato juice contains about 48% of daily recommended sodium intake in one single can? that was the highpoint of the flight to lga. which is a good thing.

we are staying at this old place called milford plaza, which has this ad on the side that says: the phantom of the opera lives next door! i think that should be a great ground for a bargaining. i mean we need more musical? we are both thankful to each others company that we DO NOT wishes to do anything to do with musicals. hey, if you like them, it's fine. i just... dont. so current location is 8th and 44th. lots of blings, right by the times square. central.

day spent at hanging around the times square (since we were already there) and greenwich village with lots and lots of munches and coffees (i lose it in nyc with the street carts. why cant they be around the world all the time? my personal favorite? the halal chicken dudes near times warner building on 6th. yum yum). also checking out basses for peter and seeing lovano-motian-frisell trio at the village vanguard. gawd i love frisell. he's a hero! HERO! GODSENT! freakin amazing.

and today... we went to MoMA (my favorite building in nyc all time. so beautiful) and wonderful current exhibition by ron arad (crazy fab designer!) and james ensor (amazingly hilarious and sarcastic. the best combination!) on top of that crazy 'usual' collection. i love. mondrian. klein. picasso. rotheko. but really. the winner today for me was ensor and arad. i wonder if im getting used to the museum itself? used, therefore, unlearning to appreciate the unusual beauty? ahhh monkey's gotta be careful.

then walk down (eventually) to k-town. meanwhile we stopped for some korean cart food (i never saw it, i heard of it from l.a. peeps but really. it was alright- they dont have the street mad cred yet but hopefully it'll come), sent some postcards and stuff, meet up with the girls (from banff, from toronto, all over) for a huge dinner (spam-kimchee stew! yeah!) then a stroll back to time square to meet up with the boys (nebraska and toronto). what a great day.

and i do take a great pride in introducing these people to one another, '___ is a great/kickbutt/amazing/nice ___ player.' the girls were accusing me of 'raising the median,' but really it is a quite a collection of people over all. scholarship kids at utoronto, juilliard, festival participants, new york young artists competition winner, ASCAP prize winner, juno nominee- the list goes on and on. and most importantly, though im kinda rubbish at keeping in touch all times, these peeps were happy to be here in nyc and catch up- as if no time have passed. good laughs and good company.

and all these hours were sprinkled with such lovely messages that took a real long time to get to monkey: italy-uk-canada-us. red dots scattered throughout monkey's hours. enough to make her want to savour every bit of the good wishes sent all that long way.

the life of monkey is never going to be full of wealth that can be counted with numbers. perhaps i should be uber happy about the fact that im not under a huge debt. in fact, hopefully with hard-ass work, i will be able to clear everything by the end of the year (well that's really only student loan that i gotta clear up. i better do it!!).but beside that, oooh boy i have some real nice elements in my life- my occupation (esp when music cooperates, haha), my freedom and my peeps. i love my peeps. they are the best really. the best.

i know people think highly of their friends. i think one should think highly of their friends. if not, why bother? i am always respectful to all my peeps and i really appreciate every moment of life they share with me. they dont have to, but they do, only because... they want to! how nice is that?!? i could now probably go to all kinds of big international cities and call up the peeps- and if it's anything like the way it's always have been, we'll always be catching up with lots of love and appreciation, but as close as ever.

this sound real happy and gooey. but i take no shame and not going to reword anything. because. it is true. i mean it and it is really, all true.
love to all my people from nyc. wherever you are doing whatever you are, i am thankful for your presence in my life and i miss you dearly. but i am so happy to say that next time i see you, it'll always overflow with appreciation and love.

greets from nyc.

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