proper splattering

Spider web 1024 x 768 jpeg, note:strands have a diameter of 73 to 400 nm, courtesy of electron microscope lab, u-berkeley.

a short one for a well worn knackered monkey.
some cats (as cat E says) gathered at wild flour of banff to have some kaffeeklatsch and general peanut gallery thing re: life. the topics came and went as they please, nicely weaving a sticky but thin, almost invisible beautiful spiderweb. and the trick is that such conversations, as fast as it blooms, often goes as fast. like spider silk, blown in incredible wind, being flexible, it will stand. however, one wrong thing to stick on, all gone. oops. so just thought i would smear some monkey rant before it all goes. where? i have no idea.

the intriguing thought was about the way things are interconnected. if molecular and subatomic theories hold true, everything materialistic in this world is made up of combination of small particles. and with this bizarre affinity (mr. salamander had some very eloquent thought on this recently. what a quark), these small things are related hence becoming something else. and once these bonds are formed, they are good to be alive- alive, as goes through the time progress. often it expands, contracts, breaks, forms another bond with things around it- may be same partner, may be not. it may meet its nearest partner or may meet some foreign( ! ) entity by chance- like CERN chamber. but is it chance? well not all things are chances. we arent too sure (as told by our highly esteemed scientists) how all these things work- chaos or order? well, i say to cut it so cleanly between the two ideas would be kinda limiting. lets say it's borderline (ahahaha. the word affinity has the word 'border' built into it. a funny quark.)

so anyhows, so if things are consisted of related articles in bonds, and bonds are flexible, they may move- and create a vibration. a frequency. ooh. sound. touch. perhaps even emotions and thoughts as well (as psychiatrists are currently convinced of chemical compositions of thoughts theory)(i mean who cares, whether it is chemically induced or by 'higher dimension,' it does not change anything about the very existence of thoughts and feelings). so if one assumes that even thoughts are created by bonds (even including the intangible ones such as exchange of emotions, conversations, 'that' feeling, whatever it may be at the moment), they will also have some sort of vibration, hence frequency. so. once again. sound. touch.

some old expressions exist for a reason i think. one of them is: being in sync. for instance, rarely but surely, one meets another and somehow both recognizes qualities such as (but not limited to): familiarity, comradeship, love, instantaneous understanding and reciprocation, etc. and if one is 'synced' with another, all the sudden the shared common experiences are so much more- richer. think of your first meaningful kiss. the glimpse of your first crush (esp if the crush was returned). rehearsing with a new partner and finding that instantaneous bond. okay- i will go as far as soulmate. dont call me cheesy. it's illusive, but we all want it but not all will have it (why? that's for another post)- hence it becomes something of a sour grape, so then it's eeewww cheeesy. im just saying- cheesy or not, there is a reason or two why such concept have existed through the centuries. to survive such time trial, a concept must be understood, experienced (even by its absence) and redistributed. it must be valid. it must hold some truth. so keep your cheese comment somewheres else. if you still grumble, im gonna say you are just bitter.

like finding radio station with old knobbed radios, you have to tune in. syncing does not happen for free. nothing in life is free. your birth cost someone something. your death will cost as well. inbetween it'll continue to cost. you must seek for that sympathetic frequency actively, and once found, must work to keep it alive (if you want to keep that bond that is. you can chuck it. no one will penalize. just your loss).

intricate bonds. overlayers. life is a transparency of spiderwebs. you move one slide just so slightly and it's a new image.you cant just do one thing. that's the curse and the most beautiful point of life. and a fair point. it applies to all. not just certain people. and as we are aware of our own energy/entity/whatever you want to call it, it becomes easier to seek another who will sync with you. with million things in this world, and even billions people who are ever changing through course of their lives,

*for instance, a certain boy named ANDY will have his birthday today, going from 16 to 17. not only he will have a great day, he'll also have to get used answering: umm im 17 years old. a new day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! may you grow to be your-true-self at age 17 (the best age is the age you are at- it have not passed nor it'll come later but now. feel. think. communicate. laugh. share. take and offer. like a proper young, energetic, talented and charismatic 17 years old young man).
and that you grow to be strong to hold your ideals despite of whatever life would like to dictate. show them who is boss really. i wonder if you would ever read this? but just because you didnt read it wouldnt mean i didnt wish it. and i do wish those two things. nothing is more beautiful or truthful than a well tuned human being- inter/intrapersonal. being kind, nice, happy, all those comes from being in sync with your inter/intrapersonal being i believe. how do i know? i cant tell you it's the truth, all i can say is that it may be interesting point for you to form your own views of life- whether by contrast or similarity.

-ahem, back to this bit, it is crucial that you learn to identify what's important but also to comprehend its entity. identification is not comprehension. but more on that later. because.. monkey needs to sleep!! oh i should really edit this splat but am so not going to. love to you all for reading this rant.

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