the red dots have been taking a long round about of a route for last couple days. the usual big window is now subjected to a temporary restrictions of size and frequency, as monkey in nyc and mr. salamander in lago maggiore equals to a quite a bit of distance. for curiosity monkey looked up how far those places are: by timezones, 6 hours and by distance, about 4,000 miles (that is the distance between nyc and turin, piemonte, italy).

a human being may walk at 4 miles/hr if one is not injured and is in good health. that would be 1,000 hours, which is approximately 42 days. imagine walking constantly, like those camels from black/white movies, going on, left-right-repeat, 42 days straight. even the devil left jesus alone after 40 days in the desert. ramadan typically lasts a month (29-30 days). poor jonah had to walk around nineveh like a madman after being barfed out of a whale for 40 days, screaming god's warning msgs. moses went nutters on the mount for 40 days. buddha starved for 40 days and lent also lasts for 40 days.

so if these red dots were humans, they wouldve been subjected to rather difficult discourses. thank god that it literally takes a wink to travel 4,000 miles when it is just a quick txt/sms. it's amazing that it gets to the destination without being lost or obscured on top of that speed!

and how it gets even more intricate!

while in nyc, it went like this: departure from mr. salamander's phone @ lago maggiore - hutchinson tower somewheres or whoever it roams with - monkey's number @ yyz - monkey's actual handset @ nyc, roaming.

this evening, mr. salamander called mokey: he made the call from skype, in overpriced wifi from the hotel. skype sends it to toronto server where monkey's latched on with a death grip. toronto server then send it to her terminal and realizing that she's not there, it re-routes the call to her cell phone. quite a route i say.

looking at the frequencies of instances where one's communication with another gets rather quickly if unexpectedly obscured, this technological re-routing in its timing difficulties (despite of the time zone difference, both parties must be able to communicate), technological difficulties (sometimes the connection is $hite), and the most imposing one of all: emotional limitations (i dont think i need to explain this), works miraculously well.

and i think it works because the contents of the communication is simple. silly enough, even without the tech aids, the old fashioned 6th sense would also be okay- for couple days anyways. whether i say it or not, whether he hears it or not (and vice versa), the expressions already have been presented, understood and appreciated. as a human being connects to another human not through words, pictures or even touches, but of emotions. the rest- sensory, is just shed full of tools for expressing.

the weather @ yyz is turning into a beautiful autumn. apparently lago maggiore is absolutely breathtaking. sunny. warm. etc etc. and though the exact details of both surroundings may be a bit different, the beauty of it rings through one to another and it's been a rather heartfelt messages, condensed and wrapped in red bullets dots, sent across 4100 miles (yyz is a bit further away) in a flash.

and though it gets there with all its capabilities,

it's still not enough to represent the emotions truthfully.

but then if there was no compromise between initial emotion and its transferrable image, we wont be using the verb 'represent' anyways. the best will come in december. just gotta wait it out. meanwhile, the window now have been java-fied, filling and spilling out of small phone screen, carefully unravelling very nice, fragile and much appreciated thoughts. like mercury, the winged messenger, it's been hopping around the globe rather swiftly, taking the tales from one city to another.

of course i will be happy when mr. salamander returns to the basket, not only it's closer (3400 miles), the window will be a little more flexible expandable and a bit cheaper. and as the days go by, the distance will eventually collapse and then. it will be existence in simultaneity. by choice. hooray.

but meanwhile, best wishes from monkey to salamander departs toronto in odd times of the day, and monkey's back pocket buzzes in unexpected times with warm thoughts. red dots, good job and please do keep going.

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