..let the wild rumpus start!

1630 rolston@banff ctr, 28.10.09.

well, okay, not exactly at 1630. but close to 1630, monkey`s going to attempt something that is fairly new and strange, wonderful and peculiar. beethoven cello sonata no. 4 is on schedule for the banff space audience, a la classical.

there are some things in life that i perceive as `very cool`but then somehow gets to be on the bottom of `must to do` list. what makes the distinction? i am not too sure but usually i think it has to do with either with amount. of sheer work that is necessary or the risk factor. i understand that no one wants to look like an idiot. though every village if not every house certainly needs one. i volunteer frequently because it`s always easier to volunteer (you look like a hero) then being designated as (you look like a loser). but today would be a bit different me thinks.

since i got here this fall, ive been working with conqueror bear cub cellist. barely different from the outside, this bear cub is closer to a bulb in some aspects. i have this mad fascination with spring bulbs. people think that it`s because i never had to plant them ever in my life so far (hey not my fault i grew up in a concrete jungle). tulips take the crown any day. so what makes the bulb plants so special?

well they are one of the first annuals that comes in earliest spring days. often even before the trees are awaken. and when you compare size of a tree trunk to the supple thin bodies of the tulips, well- it`s quite amazing really. they start to break the frosted ground, against gravity and late winter tantrum. and every day, they progress upward, filling up their little bits with water and sun, however as much as they can gather. and one day, the flowers come. and being minimally designed (i love that about the tulips), it`s one flower per bulb. each bulb takes all efforts to produce one single flower. with softest, velvety petals, with such vibrant colours- smashingly sexy, attractive, lovely, mesmerizing against the backdrop of winter-ravaged soils and debris of gravels and salts from the winter road cleanups.

and it is that very fact- one single flower per bulb, that i admire the most. rather than spreading self thin, like hyacinth does (i think that`s why they grow so close to ground. no possible way to support all that chatter from a single energy source). amazing plants. especially when you look at their stems (tears, yes, i am a sucker for buying them cut...i do feel bad about it, i swear), hollow, thin and perfectly round. delicate green ribbons.

so it`s always exciting to see a bulb at a store or something. it`s even more exciting when i see little greens peeking from the ground. what else could be so fragile and beautiful however strong and determined all simultaneously!

this conqueror bear cub has been eating the solid diet of olde music for awhile, im assuming. and good for him, because his knowledge of the this realm is fascinating and wonderfully rich. i have no idea what in this world have possibly conspired to bring the bear cub to banff centre where monkey wouldve been busy looking for gold (!)(in her nose probably) otherwise, but in anycase, with strange quarking, here we are, in midst of spaceship, transferring and hopefully retaining these new ideas. and here comes the first public attempt. i wonder how it`ll go. not worried terribly or curling under the bed with bad stomach, just wondering. i would hate to sabotage the efforts of last couple weeks!!

this is a fresh experience for monkey as i am extremely short on attention, patience, all those virtues and never really look at singular things for a long time. nevermind, even just for short time. im always running, late, tripping over, missing things. going toooo fast toooo many places. and that becomes a convinient excuse- ooh sorry, didnt see it, was too busy (busy being busy!) so there is no real risk factor as i can easily put the label `was too busy to do it properly, sorries mate` a fine translation for: i was too chicken to actually commit and give something an all-in effort. but not with this beethoven this time. and i suppose i could go and expand a bit more about the cbc, but i think i will hold that thought for awhile because my oatmeal is getting cold and i bet he`ll going to stick around for couple more episodes of monkey splat, if not longer! fascinating bulb dude.

in coincidence with the recent focus on where the wild things are (im dying to go see the movie; sendak is one of my heroes, for eons now it seems), i say: let the wild rumpus start. silly monkey and conqueror bear cub. hmm. spells not exactly a grandiose, serious classical music with high collars and square butts (molded to chairs). hopefully, instead, there`ll be much rumpus. air. movement. even joy? just like when tulips start to peek from the winter`s last mess, green lovelies.

and just for kicks. wild rumpus green tipped music.

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