sleep substitution

progress report: week 4 monday morning@ banff ctr for arts
projected dates till the big tin can ride: 9 weeks

work-related accountable things of notice: 3 recording sessions, 1 concert appearance. nice and easy so far this time.
:however needs to get on to a rather new stylistic language: classical performance. though much laughter and fun is related, still needs to actually learn/do stuff.

physical damages: minor discomfort on right foot (previously broken, probably aggravated by recent dealings with snowy trails and pedaling without shoes).
:smashed right hand 4-5 with unsettled clicky piano bench. ouch. too late.
:fingers: skin cracking (too dry. super glue time)

mental dealings: a hint of inadequacy regarding performance level (should take a chill pill and take one step at a time)
: meeting new people and making personal connections (a few with real potential for growth into real friendship, a few with intriguing if not complimentary situations, others are provoking and interesting. thinking there'll be more development over this next couple weeks)(treading carefully to avoid possibly complicated situations)

: being the silly monkey of s-m building: taken various role of band-aid solution, raid candy jar, be the candy fairy with imported toffees, run around like an idiot (perhaps does not need to chill out so badly as a very integral part of me does involve reasonless enthusiasm for insignificant things)

: learning to deal with distance/time stuff (but all is fine. the days are going)
: recent admittance to self: turning into a hopeless romantic. incurable i hear.
: really should work on sharing and being a better person in general. too many flat days or days spent for my own damned good only. need to serve others before self at times.

food habits: eats tons. need to work on conscious food consumption rather than the usual gulping activities with complete abandon (and abandon of reason). need to acquire more candies.
alcohol habits: have been good so far. a small bottle of dram and two bottles of wine consumed. coupla pints here and there, usually in multiples of halves.
tobacco habits: so far, no remittance.

tech situation: new batteries been ordered for camera- more pictures coming (yay).
: laptop bellyflop: kindly replaced by PO. start back your stuff up monkey!!
: pocket knife needs good sharpening.

music: mostly chosen and not given stuff. going through chopin/debussy phase with a strong scent of bach. the usual diet. would be lovely if i can actually learn how to practice after all these years.

physical activities: almost daily trailing. many mad dashes for late things and appointments. a small fall once on top of tunnel thanks to snow covered rocks. could do more. actually thinking about getting fitter (too bad it wont just happen as a wish). would like to lose about 5 lbs, hopefully not from the skull. there is enough shortage of dense matter already.

sleep: shit but wishful. gotta get through 9 wks somehow. then it will be all sleep for a bit.

general state: quite happy for no apparent reason. hint of hopes. daytime most full of dreads and unexpected laughters.

misc. notes: dont order a toasted sandwich at gooseberry at peak hours, check for cheap movie day for two movies: where wild things are and and metropolitan operan cast of turandot.

cravings: strangefish, some candies and perhaps a real nice warm meal made for me by someone else. sigh.

silliness level: off the chart.

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