vectorize the following

the days are going to go faster from this point on- well from last week really. it's the cusp point in the middle of the residency. escalating. accelerating. speeding. break neck speed. concerts get longer and longer and once musing ideas become furious physical manifestation. all the sudden, november rolls over slow, mellow autumnal golden october with frosty bits and early dark evenings. the loon calls get sparse as they will move to a nicer place and the wailing elks will quiet as the season falls and the next hopeful seeds have been planted. the supposedly-existing bears will fall asleep in the deep secret den (thouh i wonder if they sleep less now that the weaterh is so different?). the trees are going to be still green around here, but they will somehow become paler, as if put through a color filter with an old camera, becoming silvery whispers of their summer formal mad bonker selves. entering an incubation period.

november is always a funny month in a sense, it's not the last, but very close to the last. by the december rolls around, things are usually manic in north america with all the travel, holiday plans, family, friends, enemies, acquaintances, parties, functions, socials, teas, lunches, dinners, churches, work, etc etc. just toss into the pot and let it simmer. there is no room? NO SUCH IDEA! there is always more room for something good. or something bad. if it aint so, make it do... so comes the best stews anyways. all it need is time. and variety. for some reason, the dash to the new years is a mad one. especially around the 20s of december. cusp and exponential curves. swoosh. then right after christmas, it slows down a bit, then picks up mad on the two days in the 30s. then it's over. happy new year everyone! then comes january. somewhat hungover, drunk and looking desperately for aspirin and some seltzer water.

so in order to make room for december, november becomes the starting point for the mad dash. somewhat leisurely still, but because the residency ends in mid december, it's really the last month in my eyes. the last 12 days of the spaceship will be spent in desperate efforts to finish things anyways, or- get it ready for storage. so it is coming. there have been people leaving and coming consistently, but it is a quite a feeling to realize that so many of us are out and abouts (i can tell that at least three boys are missing for actions, travelling out of banff), and that some of the residents are gearing to leave, to their next chapter. however it ends up being. and the ones who have left become harder and harder to contact, though the really connected people will always have a very special sense of belonging. like the vectorized graphics, the distances or the curvatures between two points will always be recalculated to reflect the true proportions of ideas and interactions. marvelous.

with the full mad moon november started. and on a such sunny thursday afternoon, i am seeing the glimpse of downward motion. the people i have became friends with, people who were always dear, people who were my friends even before i met them, all these people. i am starting to pay attention to remember each person, each coordinate. so i may vectorize once things are finished and we all may be far apart. more pieces of puzzle you collect, the finer each pixels will be and more clear the image would be. and with enough pixels it is possible to create a representation of a familiar image, in even greater details than what was perceived initially. fine combing. zoom-in.

spaceship attendants are getting more entangled as we have passed the midpoint marker. one becomes aware of another's presence and it is no longer a blind trust or expedition. between each individuals, an understanding and affections (or indifference in cases) has been created and shared. and now it is time to learn the details. closeup. slowly but surely. as i am sure that i will be making some connections that may last through my own history. it just has to start at certain point. and some of it may already have! as monkey is slowly no longer musing but materializing the tin can ride at the end of the year to be warmed up by mr. salamander's fire. on winter solstice night. soapy but true. mark my words.

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