this is a little lamb who is hiding in the corner, all by itself, quiet and quite snug, in the middle of a crazy busy scene of chagall's la creation de l'homme (1956-1958), which i was so lucky to see in person in recent cote d'azure sojourn (more to come about that later). by complete chance, we found out about this museum on the last day in uk soil. nice!

the trip was short, much rain and bit of brilliant sun on the occasions it felt like it. but the day we went to see chagall was one of the most depressing, wet, soggy, relentless, rainy, oppressive, soul-destroying, rainy day. and voila, there they were, beautiful paintings with stories leaping out, all characters always in motion

(and keeping dry, bastards)

and whilst it was lovely to mingle around strangers among spectacular paintings, i was thinking about this stranger lamb.

(okay, so not all were strangers anyhows. especially those generic camera-pointing-mad-tourists. moi? non!)

(i left my batteries at home, hence, was pointing someone else's camera, you see, ahaha.)


but i thought, that lamb is so content. it's not going anywhere. in the middle of the crazy bustle of creating of mankind! there are many other animals in conspiration, especially on the bottom left hand corner, the three stooges. but this guy, so happy to be where he is. i wonder at times if i will find a place so snug warm happy comfortable and full of beauty. i seem to find them, and i keep moving on. something is not right in those statements, however, i keep trudging on for now.

perhaps one day, the right painter will put me on the right spot on canvas, once again, tabula rasa at the present.


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