happy birthday blog!

just realized that my blog is now a year and two days old (first entry on 20.02.2009). many thoughts and events have passed and i am somewhat intact, oddly still in the same space: nothing definitive. how silly. im always late for birthday and this also proves to be the case here again. bah. i am glad that i started to write again and i am so grateful for all the people who have shared their joy, travesties, problems, jokes, tears, laughter, ticks, communicable diseases, catholic school guilt, salt, bread, water, beer, photos, time, money (oh yes money), space and sanity.

and life.



thank you all so much. i cant tell what i have achieved by going through so many little and big things in last year (and two days!) but one thing is for sure: it was a nice ride and i am glad that i am alive, loving and being loved, in midst of celebrations and trials, sharing and offerings, grace and childish hearts. let see what the next bits will bring up. because at this point, there are many things to be grateful for, though there are specific things that are difficult. hopefully spring would be on top of the list... no, im not checking the weather forecast. yep, being hopeful.

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