blue tinged musing

as i try to not to shed a tear for myself,
i became mute, deaf and blind.
how is it an idea becomes
so much larger in its absence?
often one hears about the sum of the parts being larger
but we seldom express the parts being larger
once the sum have been broken
into pieces, unequal,
no longer compatible.

if one were to say that there are no reason
to be crushed by the daily churn,
then i assume that one lives
with heart of plastic.
recycle, reuse, reduce-
it is a noble idea for the planet,
however not ideal for living, breathing being.
life is messy and warm,
bloody and inconvenient.

the elation of life is not free,
never it has been freely given to one
without reason or cost.
while gliding through lucidity,
it is difficult to remember
that there will be times
to fall with all acceleration
from the very height that made it
all possible.

1 comment:

  1. and in gliding one has to catch the air, freely given, but chosen with a keen eye. hold on to the thermal, you needn't fall.