engineer monkey

it is funny being back at the olde alma mater. till end of the spring semester 2010, monkey is wearing engineer hat (though most damage probably will involve fingers, either paper cuts or getting it jammed along the mic stands or something), recording student recitals. classical. jazz. undergrads. grads. ensembles. solos. etc etc. ive been back so often that it seems as if i never left sometimes, except for the faces- most of them arrived to campus long after i was gone. but with various spider webbing, there are some faces that i am always happy to see- like book bomber, mad soprano sax kid and fairy-kid-paternal-unit. and there are more that i get to know.

there's something about being in the edward johnson building. some of the very familiar sights are now gone (the famous/infamous green couches that sucks your living will out of you; now it's kind of shiny brown), but mostly similar things- like the red couches on the spaceship 3rd floor student lounge. it makes me laugh sometimes, thinking about very ignorant monkey, sitting in a remedial theory class (that is right, i did fail the entrance theory exam. for my defense, i never took any theory lessons or classes ever before, so i think it is okay- i did my comprehensive DMA exam. now that i totally killed it), musicology 101 courses... and the memories of being shut out from the sonata classes ('there are no room for music ed kids; the perf kids gets priority'), forced choir classes (though my friend cheryll vividly remember the day i showed up for a concert then decided to beg for release, which miraculously worked, hence, walked out before the 5 min stage call, haha), wondering hard regarding lunch choices (china garden, macdonald's, harvey's and swiss chalet, though the latter two have disappeared by now)...

but overall, it's the hustle and bustle of place that i like. especially when i feel that monkey is getting soggy at the edges, when life gets a bit damp and monkey feels as if she's sinking through mud. sitting by the hard disk recorder, couple familiar faces dropping hellos and various greetings (which makes timely reply on various people a bit difficult), sometimes unexpected things (like clarinet-trombone duets or starting in different orders, etc), occasional surprise of good music or hilarious music along with genuinely beautiful times (recent windscape concert was really beautifully done), all these things are great fuel to pump onto dying engine. then it starts to burn again, laughter, sarcasm and slight hint of care.

recent days have been kind of sketchy at best; resulting in long runs (well, long enough for me; nothing really spectacular by any means) and increased tea consumptions, monkey's been trying to keep some unwanted perspectives and trials out of sight. not ignoring, but since the ball is not in my court at the moment, there's nothing i can actively do. but to wait. and everyone who knows me understand what it is like to watch monkey wait: wait = suffering

ahaha. i wish it wasnt so, but life, just like everyone elses', can be difficult and trying. and that's when i really appreciate being in the middle of these maelstroms of music faculty. find silly things. laugh. share. make snarly comments (which is not reserved to others only, but of myself as well, in all fairness. and because i truly believe that i must be the funniest one of all, if pathetic at the same time). and often, i head back home, feeling a bit of spring on each step i take.

it is nice to have temp jobs when one just came back to town (as i did). it is nice to have flexible and varying tasks when one hates dull things (as i do and will do). it is nice to be useful and dependable (unless someone turns my mic, which they did tonight- i still dont understand why anyone would touch my stand, but whatever...). but most importantly, it is great that working (in this particular situation) can give me something extra than a purposeful use of time and income. it does make me happy. perhaps book bomber is right. may be one day i may be a teacher. gag. till then, i will be happily doing odd things around school. when was i ever practical anyways! thanks kids!

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