good luck mrs q

long time ago. i would call out to my brother (or his direction, i would say): 'hey, slowpoke!' and he would turn around and be upset. and i would try to getaway with it:

mom: dont call your brother by name! (bro sobbing)
monkey: but mom, really, i was looking for a slow dude, and if he thinks he is one of them, it's not my fault!
mom: then why did you call him that?
monkey: i wasnt! he just decided to answer. is it my fault?
mom: (point to corner)
monkey: (shuts up and goes to corner to stand quietly)

haha. what a problematic child. i still find it funny.

i recently decided to follow a blog:

want to know what it is? do go check it out yourself!

anyways. she made a comment awhile ago on a post about how people may have done something to get to a point of obesity and it sparked many anger. i think it is grossly misdirected. much anger and reactions. weight issue is a sensitive one. sigh. i should know. i was an overweight kid. but that doesnt excuse one from acting out and pointing finger to another human being. so below, i copied my reply to her thread on 10 april 2010 post. all i want to say is that it is easy to appoint someone to be the black sheep rather than thinking how the actual issue came to a focus and how we would solve it. a reactive issue usually means that issue actually do exist and it needs action from everyone in the society. individually and socially.

let us be responsible and happy eating and moving, and to put the best, honest effort with self-motivation rather than a simply wish to 'fit in', 'be nice' and 'better' (oh the last one makes me shudder). happy wknd everyone!

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the ones who claim that they are heavier due to alternative reasons beside food consumption/lifestyle issue, why are they offended by the idea that others may be heavier because of those two issues?
no one has been particularly criticized by the writer of this blog. it was a statement made to the majority of the people with extra weight. majority. right. which means there are always exceptions.

in general, there are tendencies to blame obesity toward eating/life patterns. as much as there are other reasons (medication, body build, genetics), those reasons simply are not the cause of the majority of this global obesity cases.

as mentioned by many others, obesity is only one manifestation of collective and interconnected problems- food industry, consumer behavior, genetics, family/social changes, use of time etc., and yes, there is no proof to say that a single obese person should/could have only one or two definitive reason to explain their current state. just like heart attacks, diabetes and breast cancer.

if one is a bit overweight from outside but has no significant health problem, then who cares? vice versa, who cares if you look good in size zero and has clogged arteries? people will always judge and you cant determine and correct others on every occasion. the real focus is on oneself-

what is the cause of your current issue (if you were to have one) and how can you fix it?

the writer of the blog was merely mentioning what i think is the 'common' reasons of obesity. if it is not you, dont get upset with the writer. get upset with the people who expressed those particular attitude toward you. just because you are angry with general public, it does not give you the right to pelt someone else, singled out.

just think about how 'you,' the lost reader felt, as 'singled out' outsider in midst of 'thin' people.

if you didnt like it, why are you doing it to another person?

and the writer never advocated for underweight, as much as she did not advocated for overweight. everyone has their natural weight and when one is not in that range, your body will tell you. rather than paying attention to others opinions ('you are fat' as well as 'you look great because you are size zero', both are ridiculous), lets take the effort to see where oneself is and how one may solve that problem.

if you need, eat more.
if you need, eat less. simple.
if eating will not change your current state, look into other things in your life.
as things do happen with some sort of explanation. once you have an explanation and once you believe in it, take an action to change the situation.

simple? yes. difficult? yes.
as body size and actual state of health are not interdependent qualities,
simple and easy is not necessarily the coo-existing condition.

keep up the great work ms. q. there are people who really appreciate your work. and as those people exist, there always be people who will be negative towards your work. the only thing we could hope for is individual reactions, based on responsible reasoning. and we can only believe in the honesty and effort of every individual.

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  1. monkey grace for monkey meal:

    thank you dearly, for giving your life,
    i hope i may continue and be as good as i could be, as youve been good to me, to totally surrender,
    and i wish i could totally surrender,
    when my presence is required for the right reason.

    *then eat