resonance across stone and flesh

mr. banksy has a habit of appearing at uncanny places when most unexpected. and oddly, his characters- especially the rats, are hilarious, dirty, often clueless and brilliant simultaneously. how is it possible? i have no clue. 

but here's a rat of banksy's, as found in china town, in a dirty closed-shop window.  holding- what i thought was a clarinet (ahaha. perhaps for personal safely, i should say it looks like a rocket or a missile).

the best thing about banksy is that his icons speak so many different things at given context. this one- i have no idea what it actually wants to say, but clearly, it is whimsical.  it made me laugh and me laughing consequently made others to stop and take a good look.  it is always nice to stop to take a look at the smallest differences in daily routine and pathways.  we all realize it's never the same. well, then lets not take it for granted.

as it is another spring friday, i was walking not slowly, but with no particular drive in my steps.  fast enough that it's not aimless, but slow enough so that i can still catch unexpected things.

and then street, as a place where millions of thoughts cross physically, will show and tell many different things that have happened already.  and knowing that these events are part of real life, it is somewhat comforting to find that there are endless- not the first yet the last time. and through personal experiences and shared memes, we, as a group sympathize and share unspoken details of life.  sometimes comfortable, sometimes quite stressful. like the little bird, expired and freed from its physicality, found on a street.

luckily, the little guy was not ravaged by the street animals nor was damaged by careless traffic.  still a bit life- like, the bird has gone away to a different dimension. where to? i am not too sure, but somehow, i found it at some sort of pause, a state of peace.  as i was just about to pass by, what was left of him was enough to make me pause and think of life. and what is left once it takes another form.  is there an end to a life? what is afterlife? is there one? i have no idea.

but one thing for sure: another expiration of life form is strong enough to resonate with another life, a different species at a different perspective.  i found some newspapers near by and wrapped him in it to dispose to the nearby bin.  rather than leaving it to elements, i thought a small relocation would be more appropriate. the bird no longer would care for the fate of its former body, but as another life sharing a small bit of space and time, it was the right thing to do, to stop and take an action i think.  ultimately it makes not much difference. yes i know. but the importance may be that it is the small individual differences that makes a narrative a success.  it's never the same repetition.  consonance, yes, but duplication- no.

Then came another funny coincidence in life.  there it was, another bird in sight.. except this one was quietly waiting to be brought to life.  a part of a small old style birdbath, the stone bird with barely visible eyes were waiting, eyes closed for now, for its bowl to be filled with water, to move with the passing wind, to reflect the day light, and to draw and sing endless circle with each raindrop. karmic cycles.  and simply beautiful.  

and its patience resonated monkey with a small but real hope of... tomorrow. of things to come. this is what spring does to me. brings me a renewed sense of hope, of green barley grass smell, something i can only faintly recall (from long ago childhood), which is still more vibrant than the smell of the asphalt.  it was a blessing to take a long walk today. as i had the time to find coincidences, unexpected clashes of individual lives and the resonating thoughts of individuals, however far we may actually be.  i thought of many people who are very dear to me. i thought of distances. and luckily, was filled with sense of hope.

pandora left hope in the box.  difficult, not enough, yet enough to sustain self.  especially when times may be a bit difficult than expected.  but as a simple bird takes many different forms and point of narrative, i am simply happy to resonate. amplified by hope.  love to you all.

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