square envelop

a short square envelop came
with waft of spring and renewal
message from the eastertide
full of hope and nice thoughts
with hint of banff pines and that
head-clearing white-ice smell of winter
unasked however freely offered
it crossed the miles and miles of
oceans roads mountains and people
and it came and landed

one of the most sincere moments in life

when a person can speak
without worries misunderstanding expectation
when a person can listen
and be warmed by the simplicity
of shared overlapping joys of

if one can understand another
through the miles of distances
different words and languages
encapsulated thoughts on paper
of resonance that has came over the time

that would be miracle

it came today in mail

i am the recipient of the square envelop
which holds many speckles of
laughters and appreciation
a human being to another

like the spring bird it swooped down
and whispered the news of eastertide, afar
in short beautiful sounds
the sounds one can only hear
with the ears that has been tuned
for the heart that is so generously open

thank you

(painting: woman in blue reading a letter,
jan vermeer van delft 1663-64)

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