incredible, i say

are people mean due greed or stupidity? sometimes it completely baffles me and i am seeing lots and lots of ridiculousness recently (thanks gabe).  the latest one to join my hall-of-infame-of-incredibles would be gabe's rental car person/company/whatever it is.

so from the police's collection of gabe's things, i have found a small piece of paper that must be a receipt.  this lovely piece of paper has my bro's name and dates, total fee charged (356 i think?), a small note underneath of outstanding balance (36 bucks), decline of renting of GPS and unreadable signature (there's no information of issuer. no name. no address. no nothing).  on the back, it has a name and a phone number.  i thought: surely, this cant be the receipt?

so ive been trying to catch who he has been calling last week and ran into this rental persons.  according to the rcmp, it's all been taken care of (the wreck of the car) and there's no more to be discussed.so last week, i let it be. i had more important missions.

so yesterday, calling them about five times to get hold of someone, i was transferred to this mystery person, mr. kim. lovely. i explain i am the sister. i am collecting information so i can file them just in case. can you send me the rental contract and insurance information please?

kim: okay, well about the insurance, what do you need it for?
monkey: well, i know the car was covered, as explained to me by the rcmp officer. so youve got info and so does the insurance company.  so i would like to have it please.
kim: well there's no physical contract and i cant really see why would would need the insurance info.
monkey: why dont you just send me what info you have please?
kim: btw, he owes us money anyways, so i was going to get in touch with you.
monkey: look, i cant comment as i dont have any evidence or paper trail.  so please, do send me the info and if you would require further assistance, we can go from there?
kim: well, i was just waiting because it's a difficult thing to deal with the funeral and all the wrap ups-
(monkey: really? you are being a real pleasure as you know)
monkey: well, okay, thanks.
kim: my daughter died last year so i know how complicated it gets. she had a will so i was the executor.
monkey: great she thought ahead. well, he have not had any and there is no estate either. im just helping but i am not an executor.
kim: ya, so i am familiar with these things so-
monkey: can you please send me the info? i have to go to work.
kim: i will have the office girl draft something and send it to you in an email.
monkey: ok. thanks.

you were going to get in touch with me? how?  how would you have known who i am, or even, whether gabe had a family after all? so then when i call, the first thing you mention is i owe you money? how?

anyways. so i thought: okay. wait and see what happens.

so he sends me an invoice to estate of my bro.  clearly someone is not able to listen to a conversation that one is directly involved in. sigh.  it includes balance for GPS rental, collision deductible and vehicle towing bill.  just about a thousand. oh yeah. i also got a towing company's bill.

well. what did i call for?

insurance information.

did i get one?


what part of the conversation was not clear yesterday?

well, apparently all of it.
except for the part that i owe him money.

okay you fraudulent asshole.  what GPS rental? it says it was declined. where is the insurance info i requested? you did not provide.  why am i paying for towing expenses when you should have dealt with it with your insurance company? what copy of invoice? the one you drew up yesterday and dated back to 22 april 2010? isnt that kind of illegal? and where is the rentee's signature? there isnt one.

(trying to be calm)

i understand that you may think we now have some sort of money because of my bro's death. umm. no. he was actually in minuses (funny enough. he mustve spent all of it on lighters).  there was bank fee of 10 bucks. so the bank was being 'generous' to lose 3.50 on gabe (hahaha).  since there is no asset, there is no estate. there was no will, therefore there is no executor of will. so please. fuck off.  the first thing you mention to me is that you cannot provide info i ask you for (and still havent), and that now i owe you money- after i have explained there is no will/estate?  just because you are afraid of being sued and you are hot for some cash, that does not mean i am like you. people like you makes me ill to my stomach. as you have no morals. ethics. standards. just eager to get your grubby fingers on money. you make me sick.  for me, you are subhuman.  it makes me regretful i even have to talk to you.

so i wrote back:
thanks for providing invoice.  i will file them.  btw, as i have informed you, there is no estate, will or executor.  if you would like, i can send you the bank closing statement with final balance of zero and death certificate.  there's no one who is responsible for his financial situation but him.  please contact me through email as i work irregular hours.

trans: i dont trust you. so please. let's keep everything in writing. shall we?

i wonder what'll come back.  then apparently some insurance company from bc have called me. now. how the hell do they have my number? gaaah. i suppose i will call back on monday and find out what this jazz is about.

gene pool says that the kim sub-human should ease off, as he hoped for some easy cash and it wont be happening. i am hoping that would be the case. not because i dont want to pay- well, look, if we do owe this guy money legally, i have no problem. but i dont. and he's being a prime dick. so whatever. it makes me ill that such people exists in this world.  i never swore so much in my life.  well. okay. may be that's a lie.  is it so much to ask for oneself to be conscious, ethical and just plain old human- as of humanist? i am learning that it is actually difficult.

which makes me really think twice about my fortune- my friends and families all over the world.  thank you all. you make life hopeful. with hope, one can continue indefinitely.  the most dangerous but the most effective concept of human life. hope.  and with hope, comes love.  love to you all.  as i am really learning to appreciate genuine human brotherhood through all your presences in my life.

enough of dumb things.

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