you came a bit after me
two years and two months 
and twenty-two days
i thought it was a nice gap
enough for me to drag you through the mud
steal your candies and laugh when you look surprised
a gap that i thought was permanent
we are two years and two months 
and then twenty-two days apart

soon we will be two years 
and four months apart
as you chrysalised at an ambitious age of twenty-eight
and i continue to slow crawl forward.
this wouldve been a nice point for me to
buy you duty free fags and send you bills

such a nice feeling to have you through 
the gritty bits of life as
i was so certain you also had gritty days
especially when you are always so kin on no tax fags

if one stuck a cylindrical drill
to take a core sample of me
just like the fossils
you will be there
scattered and intermixed
just shy of two years two months and twenty two days
though the days grow apart 

it would hurt
as if one did stuck a drill
i cant take you out 
as a sample would still leave
a large part of you
interwoven with my life

we slowly grow apart
because of time
and with the pressure of time 
a constant
you will stay closer to my core
deeper and intact
if difficult to see right away

'i have two brothers
my wee one is two years and four months younger than i'

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