i am very lucky to have good friends. yep. here in yyz. and all over the place.  and nope, i dont tend to spend much time with them in person or on the phone, bizarre enough (though i do love doing things with them once im in the same physical space).  i think of them very often and though i dont actually make contact, i wonder if my thoughts ever make it to their heads.  often it seems as if i am trying to save a bit of myself so when i actually meet them, it would be awesome.  yep. i also hold the urge till i have to run to the bathroom to pee once in awhile.  or try to save that last piece of candy until the very last moment.

or perhaps im just really lazy. may be the excuses i just put on there are for- well, justifying myself.  why? i have no clue.

however, it's often funny when thoughts do cross path in the air, much like radiowave, simultaneously. as if it's been scheduled.  and though one try to tell self that: oh no, it's impossible, who are you kidding! if they arent going to tell you that they have been thinking about you, how would you ever know that it's true? dream on kid!

then it happens.  all the time, actually. between minnows, one minnow can almost tell when the other minnow would wave across the puddle, albeit through immature phone and skype, etc.  synced.  and today, with book bomber.  i am somewhat cautious about taking bookbomber's time, i always have been.  ever since ive known him, he's always working on something, hence perpetually short on time.  usual communications are done through sparse emails, unless something super entertaining is going on.  things like renovation-gone-wild.  today- well, it was just out of the blue.  had to take the phone and had to text a simple hello and voila, comes the reply:

'weird. i just started thinking about you and banff and here you are- etc.'

confluence. that's it. must be.

it's a real amazing feeling that there are such luxury in this world. in real life.  confluence from one another, linking and overlaying, like real blueprint CADs, eventually creating the real complexity of life- which is quite simple when looked through as single layers.

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  1. ah what a luxury to be able to weave overlapping clippings of 2D plan and elevation in space, to uncover something real. rather more sophisticated than radiowaves. Go on, scientists, explain that. ha!