apology to the phone agent

06 December 2010
Dr. ---- Lee

To: TD Canada Trust
                Easy Line Phone Banking Customer Service
 Re: Phone banking conversation on 06 December 2010

I have contacted the Easy Line Telephone Banking Service through my cell phone on the evening of 06 December 2010 as I was heading to Europe for a personal trip, planning to return on 17 January 2011 from Toronto Pearson Airport.  My intention of the call was to notify the bank that I will be making transactions in United Kingdom during the course of the trip, as I have previously made a note with the phone line agent in case of oversea trips.  The bank has been informed of this particular trip, however, the departure date have changed from 19 December to 06 December.

The line was busy and I was notified with the recorded prompt that my wait time would be longer than usual, lasting about 5 minutes.  Since I had about a half hour till the actual boarding, I decided to stay online and wait for the next available agent.  However, the actual wait time that has incurred was over 30 minutes.  And by the time I got in contact with the live agent, I was anxious.

I recently had an identity theft regarding this particular account and I was not sure whether the phone code has changed along with other passwords or not.  In confusion, I was not able to provide the right phone code, which then requires the account holder to drop by the branch.  The agent informed that I will not be able to have any phone and internet banking accessibility to my account until I could drop by in person to a branch.  I became unnecessarily angry, since this was not going to be possible until the end of the trip.

After a short discussion, we have straightened a couple details, for instance, that my access card will still be working with the new pin number for foreign ATM (which was a big relief), it is only that I cannot do any actual banking over the phone and the internet.  Remote location banking is handy but not absolutely necessary, which was a big relief as my TD Canada Trust account is my sole bank account.

*and another conversation today confirms that actually, everything is alright but the phone banking, so it's good.

Not to shift the blame, but I wish that your phone line would inform a realistic wait time for the customers; if it did tell me it would take a half hour wait, I would have called back from Europe, as there was not enough time to fit in the conversation before boarding the plane.  But being misinformed, I was aggravated by the waiting period and was rushed, hence failed to provide the right phone code.  I know that it is my responsibility to keep my own information such as pin numbers, but with stress of travel and recent change of other account pins/passwords, I could not remember my pin. 

However, my main intention of writing this letter is to ask a pardon from the bank agent I was communicating with.  Though I have tried to tell her that my anger is not directed toward her personally during the actual conversation, upon reflection, I believe I still do owe her a proper apology.  I was pushy and angry and that made her communication with me difficult.  I am not sure if this is possible at all to track down the agent; however, with the disclaimer prior to the conversation, that the call would be recorded for quality control purposes, makes me think that it may be possible. 

It is a difficult thing to call in as a dissatisfied customer; it is even harder to deal with the dissatisfied consumer as a phone line agent.  I try to keep this in mind whenever I call in to a service. However difficult my own situation was, my own attitude failed below my own expectation.  I am really sorry to cause the agent the stress and trouble, as the situation never involves her personally, hence it should be kept as such.  I repeatedly told her that my anger was not personally directed to her, however, I think it would only be proper if I would send an actual apology in writing.

Please pass on this actual letter if you could, or at least let her know that I am sorry about my conduct and that I sincerely apologize.  Thank you for your time,

Sincerely, Me

*the phone agent tells me that they cannot pass on this apology. so here it is, i buggered up. i hope she is at least havng a better day :s
*for those who knows me, i dare say that i didnt swear really. i think i did say 'for fuck's sake,' once or twice..


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