let the blue sprinkled february begin!

tis february! the most depressing month of the year (or so i hear) is here... for next 28 days.  hooray. it's been new music festival! kiddie concerto competitions! amusements and collectible tools everywhere! come and get your pick from the lot! there's been some amusing things recently.

"have (monkey) every play elgar cello concerto reduction?"
: reduction? is it tasty?

"i would like to thank... urr what's your name?"
: strike that cymbals on drumset. inst, shake head.

"i dont know whether or not you already know this but-"
: this is well-educated high school speech?

"- you can't just yell at me-"
"okay, then (hang up)"
: well, that is efficient eh?

"i never start on time!"
: and that's good?

"btw, i dont think i want to pay that much-"
(end of a rehearsal)
: hmm that did leave me speechless

"do you know who i am?"
: does it matter? and no, i dont, and i dont really... wanna...

"btw, i dont have piano score. can you get one for this afternoon?"
: if i say no and still show up, do i still get paid?

"i still have so much practicing to do!"
: what/how are you practicing?! dont you also want to live it up a bit?

and things just go on and on. but there has been some highlights, certainly.  people who says 'thanks,' people who say 'please' are good start.  i have to think often to turn the situation around to really understand where things are coming from; such was the question of 'have you played a reduction before?" - i mean, why or how would this kiddie know who i am and what i have done with my life?  not being bitter, it's just that things are often difficult for many people without reason. but that does not make it any easier for them. i have to remember that.  another case and point:

( instrumentalist running in, house light is dark and everyone is waiting for this person. the person is rushed, muttering under the breath, gets on way to stage)
"that intermission is supposed to be 15 min!"
*dirty look to house staff
staff one: "what's his problem?"
staff two: " he can't add. must be difficult being him."
staff one: " huh?"
staff two: ": 38 + :15 = :53, yet, current time is :55, 55 > 53, therefore the only conclusion is that he cant add. when you cant do arithmetic, life must be very difficult."

want another case?
case 2: frantic situation as performer's interface have gone bonkers. it wont work.  stressful situation.
reason: somehow, the interface was fed speaker output as input. when there was a huge noise, it just blew up. 
reaction: nothing to do, trying to not to laugh as the interface is an expensive protools product.

re: case 2,
i may add that performer did his own wiring. as true self-contained professional of a sort, he required no assistance.  and he required no assistance in removing the dead interface. good for him. with damage of near 1695 USD before tax and shipment (according to sweetwater.com), i wouldve buckled and cried. i am a weak monkey.

wee rabbit's been around the school this week and i totted him in pockets and backpacks.  he's always very calm and inquisitive.  it's always worthwhile to move one degree away and think about the flow of life in general, especially in a different perspective. then small things become visible- the need to be humble, to be emphatic, to be honest and be flexible.  like wee rabbit.  he doesnt speak much yet so many people have spoken to this little blue fluff.  he's a sage.  and yes, he does look really cute, with his big big ears.  ready to listen. calmly and willingly. i will keep that in mind, as february rolls in.  after all, it will be a splendid month.  not only minnow's flying over in a tin can for a wee visit, i just booked a flight ticket last night.  can you guess where?  and great rehearsals and playing to come, looking at my calendar. with awesome people.  so why worry about a few stray young, green ones? february is starting on the right note. the non-fitting accidental note of the scale can be quiet magical depending on what other pitches are around it.  let the little annoyance and incomprehensible small-person-ness be those blue notes.  after all, who does not like a beautiful jazz harmony?

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  1. let the grey skies do their worst- there's nothing to touch a wise blue rabbit, who listens...