hedonistic tails of spring

last couple weeks were some spectacular blur of things. i dont think i have eaten so many notes in a given time period- and i am somewhat glad for it, as i now have a better method of approaching speed-learning.  most performances had some good things to it, and of course, i look forward playing these pieces again- hindemith, strauss, jolivet, martinu, you name it.  some days began as early as 8am at the work bench and often i left while the custodians were having their 'lunch' break- near midnight.

by the end, the stage didnt really bother me most of the time nor the microphones.  weirdly enough, the practice/rehearsals were more demanding and draining; i suppose that's the 'right' way to prep- to do the hard works so that one can actually perform.  i did drop many notes, enough to probably build gaudi-style tower of 'spontaneous misinterpretation.' ah well, at least it would be entertaining. and just like sangra familia, it'll go on, for days and weeks, as a perfect performance is never a reality but of an ideal.

so last three days were empty of music-well, not really, but it certainly felt so.  today was the first day i went back to the bench.  and doing the usual drills i do (which took a bit longer than usual- the ten puppies were quite prone to misbehaving- going wherever they want, rather than doing what they are told, tsk tsk), then down to the distillery to do a short recording session (playing).  but rest of the time, it was mostly passive activities (ie. sitting in a recording session, discussing piano acoustics etc).

it felt nice to do the warmups without the pressure of learning things in a hurry- i could afford to do things at slower tempo, with much more attention to detail. though there's some grand truth about being focused and working in a tight deadline.

without stack of music to eat, what did monkey do? well, i did the boring things such as cleaning the living quarter, doing the taxes, pay bills, send couple things out.  i met up with friends- all the friends who i wanted to see but simply didnt have the brain space for- and i also spent some time with myself and mr. wee.

keeping friendship is a quite a work. it doesnt need to be done on daily basis, but depending on the different relationship that develops itself, it becomes crucial to nurture it on regular basis.  many of my friends are crazy busy- even when they are in town.  it's not too important how often i see them, but the fact i do get to see them and often it's the indirect methods such as emails and texting that does much of the work.

it does make me wonder- am i losing the human touch? shouldnt i make more efforts to see them in person, rather than sending an unexpected emails? should i call them?  break the days to million parts so i can see them more often even if it breaks the days' flow?

well, it really has been three days that i finished a big schedule.  and the people i got in touch with, wrote to, shared bread and pints with, they are all important to me.  and there'll be more coming. heck, im even spending the night at the gene pools so we could go brunching for sunday.  some peeps are coming back to town. some, i will see them later when i am abroad (yaaay).  there are much more music to be made (three incredible violists want chamber music.  what a weird thing- no chasing of violists, unlike school. at music schools, one usually have to beg violist *if there is one that one wishes to work with, nevermind volunteering).  more food to be shared and more walks to be had.

tis' a sudden burst of humanity in my life. if i was drawing from the pool of collective humanity of the current civilization through music/arts, now i am actually contributing back to my surrounding, by interacting, provoking and sharing.  and boy, it's a relief.  though i, for a second, thought that i was spending much money in last couple days.  well, that's what money is for- to be spend on living.  and it's a pleasure to have to elbow one's way through to pick up the bill.  or graciously open the wallet to share one's labour in exchange of such pleasant companies.

there wont be enough time to catch everyone i love, but darn, im making some serious efforts. and yes, i will go back and converse with the piano for a bit as well. just so that it doesnt get any funny idea about it being the mistress or something. forget it, piano. we work together, you and i, for whoever that may be in need of a monkey.

i am glad to be done with the semester; i learned loads. and here is my shout out to peeps who were supportive and gracious to hurried-tail-on-fire-monkey:


now 11 days till departure. to summer. to a place where i cant even really work because i am not allowed to.  i wonder what kind of things will occupy monkey mind, in the large green hills with silly lambs with wiggly tails. talks of heading over to copenhagen. may be a lucky visit from dear friend and his lady over the ocean. buxton fish van that brings incredible salmons.  local butchers and their preciously tasty lamb chops ( ! ) prom concerts and days in london. stone working and pub walks. tailing mr minnow like a silly puppy, nose in every bloody thing on the way. aint i lucky.  mr. wee agrees, as he is fast asleep from rather hedonistic days of late.  after all, he's only a small rabbit, haha. with biggest heart.  love to you all.

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  1. and love to you! ..as the blur of bouncing piano monkey resolves gracefully to a well earned smile.