monkey league of extraordinary gentlemen

today i ordered new glasses for dad.  he's been rather fond of the idea of paying the absolute minimum (as i have done) for the new glasses and finally, the other day, he was on the phone, eager to yell out those random numbers to me.  funny thing is that i think because he's seen both ends of internet glasses: success (i had three pairs that fitted me well) vs. fail (my bro's glasses were a slight misfit, somehow), as soon as he's been to the optometrist, he just had to see how it will turn out.

well, little does he know. mom's been nudging, blackmailing, pleading, asking and appealing to me for weeks to get dad's glasses- with a catch: get him a stylish new one!  it has been somewhat traditional for koreans to spend quite a bit of money on appearance-related things, such as clothes, shoes, glasses, etc.  there are girls who eat package ramen noodles to save up for a designer bags.  ladies who spends dollars and more dollars on cosmetic procedures and 'conditioning' (what does that mean anyways?) the cases go on.  except there are a few odd ones out: my family. well, wait, not entirely true. gabe was rather stylish (and he did spend!) and mom was also quite style-conscious.  looking at their honeymoon picture, i often wondered: wtf happened here? a typical nerd and a pretty girl? my stock is that common?! (insert sitcom laughter)

so i finished ordering this fancy ass glasses. no, they dont come from hongkong. it's mr. bill blass who designed the frame (after he died?), haha, and withsomeone who has won the fashion institute of technology lifetime achievement award, it is slick, nice and expen$ive.  what's another 30 bucks, let's make it with lens with highest index of refraction.  anti-glare coating? sure.  dad knows my specs costed me mere half bill. he is hoping that it'll cost about that much. man, he's going to be pissed when he realizes his glasses costs me about 6 times as much.  WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?  and i will show my teeth and grin like a monkey. sill dad. who said i got these glasses for YOU!?  dad's a practical man and i am being impractical by whimsically amusing mom's wishes.  and every time he wears the glasses, he may even hurt somewhere, like a small soft spot on his spleen, thinking about dollars spent on the specs. ha.

and meanwhile, i went and took a kiddie out for lunch with PO.  and though we are all making money of some sort, PO refuses to split the lunch bill at times.  there's no way one could win, except to run and claw over the next bill (coffee and cookies or something), or by unexpectedly feeding him.  we started as friends, then to courtship, then grew slightly differently and now i see and love him as a brother.

for instance, i 'helped' today to sort through old pants and clean out his closet. i say i 'helped' because 1. i was the one who really wanted to get it done (i hate squashing other shirts in closet to make room for the fresh laundered ones; since closet does not grow, well, some things have to go), 2. he will not likely to start the process himself (my granny chimed in and said on the phone: 'but men are like that!' really granny? i thought most of people- men and women, are like that!! so i had to take initiative and gently cox him by transmorphing into a banshee.  3.  even when it's been sorted, the final nail on the coffin, ie. getting them to recycling places, etc., usually become 'another day project.' i wasnt going to let that happen.

so it's done. he's baffled how happy that makes me.  and i dont really care. as it made me feel loads better. so that's a different man who's been in  my life for a quite a while now and i am quite excited that we are on the best terms possible as fellow human beings and i cant wait to bring him to the hills next week. weeeee.

this evening, my fridge called me by first name and i had to sacrifice something. so i did a melon. good bye cantaloupe. a sizable fruit it is- it took awhile to butcher it all.  i had a big bowlful but there's still another half.  as i was cutting this melon, i could not help but to think of my best best friend from nebraska, javier. we were inseparable.  he tucked me in bed and we made countless lunches and dinners together. we went to parties together, we bitched out in our dorm rooms together.  often people thought we were an item, though we both liked pants.  and i havent seen him since he's been to toronto a years ago, with my good japanese sis yoshi.  and because he's a phone person and i am an email person, it's been somewhat quiet between the two of us.  i think i may bite the bullet and call him or something, because it just has been too long!  so why javier along fruit?

well, you see, javier and i used to spend quite a bit of money on grocery shopping. we were the two who bought bags and bags of groceries. the american kids used to be flabbergasted about the amo. of groceries we both hauled in on weekly basis. except javier's freezer compartment was a piece of art, at all times. it was totally packed. a tuck shop. it had everything. and he also had this huge bowl of fruits.  then we would wait. for days. till they were just right. and we would dash down to the kitchen and eat the big whole cantaloupe between two of us, no problem.  with fruits, there would be gossip, may be a glass of wine, this and that. chit chat.  and lots of love. yes, i loved him dearly- and i still do.  and damn it, i shall make some efforts to get in touch with him again.

after all, he was the reason i lived in the dorms for all my years in nebraska.  he was on 1st floor, i was on 2nd.  it was way too convenient for us- we had friends and when even friends were being a$$holes, we had one another.  we alway had room for one another.  cheesy but true: best buddies.  i miss him like i miss cookies at 2am in the morning. there's no way to satisfy self, but only to dream of the alluring company.  a man who i still consider my best mate.

and there are other figures- bookbomber is a proper mentor for me in many ways.  he's got too deep of a brain (which i think gets him into all kinds of practical disasters, like house renovation).  i do love and adore him, though i dont get to see him much but that doesnt matter, it feels.

and a particular cellist who started as a challenging partner and has became an inspiration- his work ethics and personal expressions, courage and sensitivity (it does help that he's a brilliant musician), we will get to host him and the lady this summer in the hills, which i am really excited about.

and  ooooh my crazy friend who can making farting on the sax sounds like the true fundamental frequency of the universe.  he's a crazy monkeyfo (i think, but something more like a golden tamarind monkey, beautiful, agile and quick.  they are also smaller, non-threatening and exquisite-stunning) and i consider it one of my biggest blessing from banff to have met him and that we are often in the same city, same univ.  i would give him a kidney even if i only had one.

then there are a few brothers- in dakar city, in texas, who i love dearly yet have not seen in awhile.  men as proper brothers- we watch one another's back and we are mighty proud of one another. there's nothing more proud than to spend time with these boys.

i also dearly love the quiet boys of the illinois plane, in princeville.  boys, brothers, good men. they follow the will of the good/god and they dont preach. they simply live.  i havent been there in a long time, however, i do find the urge to write to them. often i think i should really pick up the pen and do so, how are they ever going to know that i love them still today, esp if i dont say a peep?

recently, i also have a little otter boy who has lost a big heart to a finite ending: death.  he has lost something that cannot be replaced. and at that age (and the age of the person who ended), thinking of what it may feel like (as i lost my younger bro just about a year before he lost his cousin), i want to give him anything i could give him- yet there's only one thing i suppose: time.  a small injured otter boy. he's loved from all direction but that doesnt mean that i should rely on his environment to take care of him.  i do carry him close to my heart and i wish him a meaningful recovery from such loss.  so that's a wee brother otter. and boy, he's grow into a man, like a big oak tree, centered and beautiful.

then there's minnow.

minnow is what 'we' are.  simply the most beautiful man i have ever met. and on daily ground, he grows even more beautiful, simply because he does know and does live life.  he may have been bullied and pushed around by others, because he cares.  he has been mistaken as a softie and he doesnt care, because he is strong. man of many tales and seasons, he does not grow into me; he simply grows with me.  rather than being interdependent hence becoming parasitic, he lets me flourish.  we are just beginning, after eventful two years.  and i love him as 'him,' nothing more nothing less. he is a man who i love and respect.  the best man of my life.

with such line up of great men around this monkey, i feel as if i should shoot a provocative spread of emotional playgirl or something, if such would do the justice.  i do have extraordinary gentlemen in my life and often i wish it was all because of me! HAHA.  love to the boys! there are more than i can mention in this short snippet.  and ooh... even more love to the girls, especially the amazing lawyer lady in faraway plain, who ive been thinking recently. you rock my world by living the life with belly full of life!

and thanks to the world for supplying me with such company. as the world is rather prone to grace me with  bizarre display of mystifying and amusing state of various individuals.  for recent things, all i have to say is that i dont dig song and dances... especially if there are song and dances already!  or people who find reasons to damn themselves down with things that doesnt even ever occur or bother the rest of the world... then they are bitter because the world is mocking them (in fact world has not done much... but no, somehow being not involved means it is all to be blamed! how interesting failure of logic) but who knows. may be it's that standard deviation concept: there always will be incomprehensibles. who knew.

we all did.

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  1. ah my most beautiful person, whose graceful song and elegant dance enriches so many lives; generous, strong, caring, brilliant and loving. i love you!