before it is too late

and before everything runs away from my little head and heart, here are few images from september. oh how i want to expand on every single one of them. wait. you many not want me to though, haha!

 of beautifully inquisitive yet certainly individualist cat who lives with dear friend in nyc. i was so lucky to get to see her before another season of mayhem ensues (she's touring- best wishes! for rests and sanity...)

 pleasure of taking slower tempo than the reality. propeller planes can be so organic, who knew?

a small scene near my gym. i have no idea what the white said to black, but clearly, black wasnt feeling indifferent after that. 

the dear citizenship test that i was waiting and dreading for. more on that later. it was a quite an experience. 

 magic shop lady. i wonder what her story is.

a typical nyc nut scene. 

atypical yyz nut scene. long life 'difference' and 'similarity.'

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