a dirty quick sketch of august summer days

oooh british summer pudding: ice cream cones and jelly babies!
jelly babies... well, they didnt really see it coming i suppose.

a bit of schadenfreuden as the pretty car gets hefty parking ticket.
i was lucky that rich man didnt get to rip my head out...

visiting new and old: visit to luthier stoppani @ chorlton,
along with old friends who came to visit to the hills...

very happy birthday minnow! 
i bet no one made such bonkers cake for you.

awesome steam engines. we had couple more rides this summer.

including a very very small wee one, 
fed coals teaspoonful at a time. hehe.

beautiful chinley home. at this point one may be slightly sweaty.
but whats the worry. it rains half of the day by default. haha.
many walks taken with all kinds of friends this summer.
thanks guys, for making chinley part of your summer.
our summer.

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  1. thanks to you! you made this summer; and it went on to thread itself into another continent, where the days stayed intact and the weather knew what it was doing. as we incline slowly towards autumn and winter, the glow of this summer lights us in glorious profile.