i spy- no no, i love-

wee paper puppy, born this spring.

i recently broke down and converted to so called 'smart' phone. all it has done for me yet is to prove how smart 'it' is and how much i may start to depend on it...so far i only have installed a few things and am staying away from social networks and games.  the email access and free tools- metronome, tuners, GPS trackers (a great fun while on the bicycle for commute) are funtastic.  but the best thing so far is-


it's been out for awhile and i have been seeing it on other people's photos.  a few pre-sets and a portable camera. and there we are. a way to capture fleeting images of all things of life..  and luckily there has been a couple beautiful images that i like. and a few silly ones.

i wonder what people do with these smart phones. i wonder if more people take picutres, like i do.  i wonder what things capture one another imaginations and what is kept and what would be deleted. what memories it would bring and how it may be- would it be like flipping albums, where you flash back into the history, or more like a perfume, where one can start to sense it from far away, the intensity changing ever so slightly as one approaches to the core point.

i am grateful that i get to see and find all kinds of beautiful things.  i am lucky. what have you seen today that is beautiful and took your breath away?  sending many thoughts and well wishes to your way, friends.

 wee rabbit being a darling. he wonders when i will come to bed and snooze with him.
 a small piano reconstruction shop. with an open invitation to...?
 and within 5 minutes, seriously, another invitation. 
 im sure that the bench is out to lure new members.
i can only think: detention and punishment.
corner chair with the dunce hat.
 beautiful bird and a genius man = magic

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