echo of autumn warmth

it is an unusually warm autumn this year.  it's mid november and the park is now covered in the golden glorious blankets of life- celebrating the last bits of the summer, to remember and to cherish the last bits of the sun, of another year, 2011.

it is hard to believe that it's already 11/12 gone. perhaps it's because i am no longer chased by school deadlines. or being away from television, being haunted by the spirit of 'buying' (they conveniently want to call it giving, haha).  or is it because it's too warm and too beautiful to think that the season of downward grace, inward to centre of the cold yet alive earth is already here?

i remember heading home two wknds ago, passing through eaton centre, seeing the great tree built. in the same manner a tower is built.  it is a bizarre thing to look at- a mimicry of nature yet- so industrial and so appropriate for the artificiality of the winter.

may be that's what it is. it's the displaced weather.  or the fact that all the lovely people around me keeps the spirits high and vibrant.  i often do wonder what am i supposed to do with my life- as if i am supposed to have a great goal and run toward it without any hesitation.  then i remember i dont really dig running. i rather walk and see little bits of life around the random part of the road.  and though i am not doing anything significant in any objective manner, perhaps having the time to please my own eyes, hence keeping self always fed well and happy, keeps the winter chills away.

perhaps when the real chill comes to bite my nosetip off, i will launch self over the little water puddle and keep myself warm with real fire, in the midst of a wee house with minnow, with wee fluffies around.  they are also small yet their eyes are bright and alive.  how wonderful love is, it even brings life into quiet fluffies, patiently waiting for you to discover their hidden voices.

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