inconsistency of time

though christmas is still a bit away, the stores are starting the sensory assault. in the states, at least they wait till the thanksgiving is over i suppose- but here in canada, right after halloween, it's almost expected to see all things red, green, gold and expensive. sigh.  though i do enjoy the window displays, especially of holt renfrew bloor and hudson's bay on queen.  so as minnow is in town, we decided to casually walk by.  

though the soundtrack was horrendous (the tracks mustve been damaged, it was skipping and continue to be stuck on- but how would shop employees know that? they are inside! ha. the irony), the little animated figures werent as scary as i find them sometimes (i have things about dolls and human figurines. i dont like them all that much. fluffies are different matter altogether though).  even bits of canadian history i studied for citizenship  test came back to my mind, with wooly warm feeling as i saw the familiar scenes of (victorian) christmas and hudson's bay's involvement with early canadian history.

it is a curious thing, this christmas advertisement.  every year, the display specialists try their very best to sell the newest trend and newest products, through evocation of tradition and history.  and through looking at the nostalgia, one is supposed to be grabbed by the ankle, thrown into the frenzy of BUY NOW. as if christmas would expire and never return.  buy it like there will be no more christmas. ha ha... bah.

and then there's another aspect of time and history- things that actually expire.  i often carry one banana in my bag, as i get so side tracked, often there is no time to eat. though this particular day, i could smell the anxiety and worry in my bag- a hell of a ripen banana.  the whole morning. but you see, i coudlnt eat it, as i knew that i didnt really have time to go grab food, which meant i was dependant on it to get me through the day, 8am till at least 3pm.  

so i carried it with utmost care.  no nostalgia or joy. just head full of caution.  the last thing i need to do is add banana mash to mozart... or ibert... even lutoslawski doesnt deserve it.  but came lunch time, it was eaten in a hurry. as if... i couldnt wait to eat it fast enough! hah.  passage of time and the importance of flow of time is an interesting notion. how did your day go? how did it flow from wake to snooze?  i hope, however, that it had some real love and care, from people who loves you dearly. even when one isnt aware.  

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  1. it went fine, thank you; to a different clock, pegged by the border of sunlight. funny thing, time!

    the tiny world in the shop window took me back- perhaps every grown-up who peers into this miniature world remembers a little of themself as a child. We shouldn't forget!