... tis a simple request yet...

so this conversation continues on. it's quite amazing, no?
when i returned from work at wee hour, i found another email from susan (but now with a last name 'LI', a vast improvement? it's at least 100% improvement, going from no last name to full last name) / alicia jame (this is still a bit of mystery).

Dear (monkey's name in a different font altogether) 
Thank you for your email.
We have read your email 'seriously,thank you very much for the suggestion.' (another font)
We will refund you $120 for the mistake and you can own the jacket.
Sorry to cause you so much trouble and we will do our best to help you.
Best Regards,
Susan Li

and i thought: this is still nutty and yet amazing. how many variants of 'cancellation/refund' can i write? anyways, i did my very best not to be rude. or condescending. or bursting out laughing in helplessness. i mean, what am i supposed to do?

to susan li,
(i still have not seen any official company information here; should i consider that a mistake or should i assume that you still have not read all parts of my previous correspondences?)

i have to say, your english is getting better by the minutes. 
what makes me curious is that i cannot be the first one to point out your sub-par communication skills of previous correspondences.  what have happened to the others? do you always send out a nonsense reply until someone writes back gingerly for days?  anyway, i could not help to point out some details once again. let's use red and green in spirit of christmas shopping season:

Thank you for your email.  (this is fine)
We have read your email seriously,thank you very much for the suggestion
(once again, you need a space after a comma) 
(and make sure that once you have cut-and -pasted from another person's correction, 
you should always check the format so that it is in same font and same size)

We will
refund you $120 for the mistake and you can own the jacket.
Sorry to cause you so much trouble and we will do our best to help you.
:i have no clue why you would make such an offer after reading my replies (repeatedly so)
i do not understand how i could explain myself to you any differently (as i have spent at least three replies saying the same thing),
but here it is once again:

i do not want a partial refund with the jacket.
i do not want to own the jacket that may not be a genuine item as that is against my principles.
you have done nothing to establish the real identity of your company.
therefore i now have to assume that this is not a genuine canada goose item.
hence i do not want it.
there are such things as intellectual rights and trademarks law.
and i do respect them.

i am asking for the full refund of my payment and cancellation of the order.

please, if you do mean what you say, stop causing any further trouble, do close the dispute by refunding my payment, take the jacket away from my life and i ask you to do the very basic for me, not even your best, i spelled out every detail of my wish:
cancellation of the order.

and please do include your company's physical contact information, ie. address and phone number.  
i am hoping that the above sentence would be easy to understand and even easier to comply with,
as any business would be supplying such information freely and honestly,

dr monkey

oh the complicated life i live. i learned today that a friend of mine have also bought a jacket from the same site, just hours before she read my post. she was howling then realized that the url looked too similar, too familiar... darn! at least she knows what to expect.  it's often much better for oneself to be amused than ticked i suppose. love to all who had to deal with counterfeit product/bad service/everything in between.

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