what do you see through whose eyes?

the boys are together again, wee and tee.  looking over the forest of big tall concrete buildings, they wonder and talk about the grace of the big cities- when you are sitting tall in the quite morning, even the most grungy city street can exude composure and beauty.  especially when it is shared generously.  

wee and tee- how are they together? did tee come for a visit in an air mail envelop perhaps? aha, no.  he decided to carry on a big trip, like a big boy.  and just like wee would have done, tee came with a small travelling companion.  minnow was there to encourage tee through the tedium of the air travel- and buy the tickets, go through the airport and the joys of security check, etc.  oh what a man would do for the happiness of a fluffy.

this is a very short visit, just merely a week long.  there are many things we would like to fit in. and then there is a full week of work as well- practice, learning, rehearsing, working, etc.  it's always bursting at the seams it seems.  how did we get so busy, being small people doing small things? suppose the derived joys from such activities satisfy all bits of our lives, hence making it even larger than life.  perhaps busted seams are okay as well. that's what the seamstresses are for.  or even a simple attempt at DYI.  as a cheapo DIY fixer of various things (zippers, buttons, worn patches of pants, falling-disintegrating scores... the list continues to the next century i think), i now know that it can always be fixed up. usually better than before. as it is now soaked with love and care.  yay. no longer brand new generic boring stuff.

and talking about non-generic, we were walking by china town, to have a small coffee at my fav cafe.  and then all the sudden, we found a tiger, with a roar that deafen our ears.  it cleverly disguised its voice through the assumed rumble of the passing-by ttc street car.  it is a funny thing to find, in the concrete jungle.

wee and tee asked how dangerous the tiger was.  we quietly said it's pretending to be harmless, but one never knows.

the world always gains more stories and imaginations when minnow is around.  what a gift it is, to share a life with a person.

and of course, the random (yet may be not random at all) apparence of tiger!  the eyes of an adult can then appreciate the beauty of the world through the eyes of a child, unguarded, unafraid and so free.  finding freedom of king of a jungle in a city sidewalk is an amazing gift.  i wonder what else i will find on these streets.  and who also have seen these comic scenes of the day.  but sheeeeeeh, dont tell the tiger, it just may come for a wee bite when no one's watching out for me...

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  1. wee says he'll go on any adventure, however daunting, as long as he can stay inside the bag and peep out from time to time.

    is the tiger related to the summer tiger in the front garden i wonder?

    the stories will never end... :)