blurs of december

mrs santa hustling before noon.
i bet she wishes she can take that back at 3pm,
on 2nd shopping wknd of december.

i remember thinking that december, i will catch on with you. i will dig my heels down and think about the important things and put period on every sentence i began this year. i will write cards and see people, catch up with life and thank the appropriate people for enriching my life.

realistically, i didnt get to do much of it! i dont really understand what have happened! school finished a bit early this year and i did take plenty of odd pictures which made me laugh. but the first two weeks seriously flew off.  i learned a new lutoslawski piece for violin/piano. i played for young, ambitious and hard-working musicians in the most pleasant manner. i didnt make it to the bassoon bonanza this year thanks to developing cold. i barely saw some people i desperately wanted to see.

in a sense, i had just enough time to book dental appointments, do laundry, pay bills and pack, sprinkled with a few visits from lovely lovely people. so here it is, a short entry of how life's been, nothing grand but i do take much pleasure looking back and making little remarks, so that i can open this invisible time capsule to relive the nice moments.  soon i be off to england for a proper holiday, hooray. another chapter in monkey life.

75% of kiddies i teach once a week.
i will miss them during the holiday.
though they will be happy having some free time!
they work almost too hard, i feel...

little wee puppy is waiting for holiday, 
'when are we going to have some walkies away from work bench?'

a late weekend evening at the conservatory.
a toy car, now free of its mad master,
left in the big world of freedom,
burns revenge against human kind
(watch out, mr. caretaker!)

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  1. you are back in my computer..which is a good thing..thank you for all your blogs over the past year.. have so enjoyed reading them.. wishing a happy christmas and a good 2012 and beyond