a dot in the flying times, just to remember

so many things have happened since last blogpost- i swear the little snippets of memories and events will be recounted and expanded, but meanwhile, i do have a recital tomorrow to play for, so i should plug self into bed. here are some photos i just cant help to post, as the weather has been absolutely glories.

in midst of personal loss of dearest friend who sent her mother to the next gate, many young musicians with years of preparation under a one single focus moment called audition, sudden spring that graced the once-frozen land, the tigercubs who now studies with another piano teacher, minnow's brief visit, lovely trumpet lady putting together a great first solo recital, little kiddie who i dear care for getting through sludge of end-of-semester, all kinds.

and though i have been defeated and elbowed into eyes, i do know that even the punchers didnt meant to get me on the eyes. haha. such is life. life is going to be alright. it doesnt have to be great now but over all, i do believe that it's on forward trajectory, not necessarily better but pregnant with possibilities of being anew and beautiful.

 little voyage into endless high c of this world.
someone had luckily left their kindersurprise toy to my joy.

 mad spring, bringing out unruly kids from the ground.
there's no way to keep them quiet now!

 sudden warmth is bringing out desire for nap,
stronger than physics. even the lamp sleeps in daylight.

 a small record of a dark night. what happened?

 the library washroom toilet rolls apparently had arguments.
and clearly, one of them won and other lost. haha.

 the first real grocery shopping in weeks-
i carried them home, happy mule,
pack full of veggies, veggies, veggies!

a great springtime dinner. i enjoy being a human being again.
laundry, cooking, grocery shopping,
soon may be i can add meeting up and catching up with friends.

from my biggest fans.
thanks minnow, for being the best friend i love!

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