look, ma (and everyone else), im practicing!

*busker performing in pike place market. i bet he practices at home.

this afternoon, 3rd floor lounge, faculty of music, university of toronto, a young guitarist is talking to his friend and  butchering the bach suite quite efficiently.  let's refocus on the fact that this is a lounge, not a practice room.  he's conversing with a friend: this is so hard (butcher), i donno, i think it may be alright (miss), man, bach was a genius (fail, tries again), and the 'music' continues.

monkey: hey, i have a question. what is with you guys always practicing in the public space?
dude: it's because we can, while others cant.
m: so that means you should practice in public?
d: well, yeah, why not?
m: because it's a public space, you should practice in practice rooms.
d: well, some people talk and do things here, don't they?
m: you actually like practicing and blundering passage in public?
d: well, how is it different from having conversations?
m: you should not practice in public but perform in public. practice should be done in practice rooms.
d: look, it's a hassle to take everything back to the practice room.
m: so you are lazy?
*dude makes big sigh, as he has been sacrificed to logic, i am flabbergasted in lack of logic.

because you are proud to practice in public and too lazy to bring your stuff to the basement, like everyone else, does not mean that a public space should be your practice room. no, it's not the same as people speaking or having a round of laughter- why? because there are areas designated to practice in this building. try that at your own home and see if all neighbours are tolerant, i bet they wont be.

but most troublesome is that  you cant take the idea of performance seriously and therefore i cannot take you seriously. you think it's being personal and perhaps being proud of your profession. i say it's lack of understanding, and actually detracting from your own profession- how is practicing in public space any different than grooming your pubic hair in public? especially your motivation is largely based on pure laziness and selfishness, which puts you in second-class citizen anyways (yes, that's correct, a person who is not able to take one's civility seriously).  even that dude on street busking (that you laughed at because '(he) cant even tune the guitar) is performing, not practicing in public (nor he should).

and i even like guitar music. but i do dislike guitar student like you. no, playing the guitar does not make you an artist. being a human being with respect to one's own context and others' lives make you an artist. you are just in school studying guitar, which makes you a student.

well, i suppose when the wedding gigs roll around, he'll be happy to play while others mingle around. all im saying is that i want to respect some people, and they make it impossible to be respected.  too bad there isnt a cure for self-centered dumbness.  may be the time will raise the issue for him eventually. but there's no need for you to praise and mutilate bach all at the same time, in sight of innocent bystanders. we know bach is great. we now know that you arent, that's for sure.

tell me if i am wrong, seriously.

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