ooh time come back

the big eye that watches- can you tell me
where time went off without me?

this month of april is still running away as fast as it can- i really miss having the time to think and write, to doodle and wait- till the inspiration strikes.  it's been forever ive wrote a blog (or rather, to finish a post)- and so many things have happened: minnow visit, visit up north to BAM! house, loads of work, budding students and forever learning monkey, the music that puts the spin into every step, the wee small pollen that itches the nose as the new leaves and flowers bloom out to the sky-

i feel so desperate that i want to hold onto so many different things that whizzes by me- stop stop stop!

 and these fire extinguishers were marching through school oneday,
looking impressive in their red chrome uniforms

 full-on flowers. no apology. no time for apology,
they just went P O P

new haircut. half cut, double price. justice..!

as i have long days, the rabbits take care of one another

a moment of pause at kipling station

old school love on street. some things are classic

bonkers dinosaur ( ? ) on college

curiosity a la jules verne

i swear that i will make time to catch up on self and think of things that has nothing to do with practicality but all to do with living- the room to stop, to amuse, to laugh and to cry.  even on the most boring and pedantic part of the day.  meanwhile, i post couple of my favorite pictures, snippets of the city, the things that pops up in my mind.  i wonder what you wouldve seen while i have remained quiet- do let me know, lovely friends. i miss you all very much.

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