the thing that made me chuckle

i think the recent comment from the anonymous person is amusing enough to be separated and presented as a blog post. if you are in for some lengthy reading, please do go follow up the comments. in a nutshall, though the disclaimer does tell the uploaders that this is a personal blog and that should they find it distasteful, they should understand the challenging stuff is only intended for adults, some kiddie paladins cannot help themselves but to start point fingers.  alright, not so different from what i do here i suppose.

the irony and great source of amusement for me is that anonymous does it in the way that it is self-reflecting and i thought it is quite difficult to put it any better for a comical effect: 

you rude, passive (add an f word) person, 
you better behave!

see what (anonymous) did there? (a la craig ferguson)

chuckle.  the world is a funny place.

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