slow summer rainy day activities

britain is having the wettest summer since 1910 this year.  while yyz is grilling under fierce hot sun, with what seems to be a permanent grey sky saturated with rain, it's hard to imagine getting out there in shorts and dresses and frolicking with joy (well, suppose i didnt grow up with wellies and waterproofs as daily preparation).  fortunately, along with the few golden sunny days, there are plenty to do...

 on a day off, minnows walked east, chinley to edale.
at the end of every walk, of course,
that was my breakfast.

 three gens of gregory boys.
after chinley church concert,
we played: saint-saens piano trio no 2,
ravel piece in form of habanera (w cor anglais),
and dvorak quintet.

 simple looking bread made with some 8 hours proofing,
raymond blanc recipe from bbc iplayer. yum yum.
 the most happy, proud pig ive ever seen. haha.
on a houseboat, on canal toward whaley bridge.
english built extensive canal system, connecting industries
to the sea- 36 miles long manchester canal allowed
manchester to become 3rd busiest port of england.
around chinley, the canals were made to transport
quarry materials- this one is known as
peak forest canal.

rain rain rain. even when the sun is up.
but the lilies dont care...
they dont seem to mind the wet!

 handsome donkey@ donkey village.
for 3 quids, you can spend much time as you want,
loose on the field with donkeys!!

and of course,
random wanderings in chinley and nearby villages,
whitehough, chapel-en-le-frith, whaley bridge...
the quiet streets are nice for strolls,
if full of slugs this summer. yuk.

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