perfect remedy for world woes: friends

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there has been many silly things happening in this monkey's life however... the whole idea about this post is to talk about my friends. yes, friends! see, it's like good can opener. when you are desperate for that can of soup, dying of cold and fever, what you are really desperate for is good can opener.  a dull, weak opener is a sure guarantee for various tragedies- spilled soup, cut fingers, you name it.  but when things are well and the can opens with no resistance, it's hard to appreciate the 'good' can opener.

life, like everything else, things go up and down.  and though things may be to crazy to even see oneself straight- all the sudden, you may doubt and question your own identity, your understanding of the world, nothing seems hold any truth any more.

and there they are.

i dont have many friends, i must admit. but i dont think it's a fault. is it a bad thing to be so selective about friends? well, what if i want befriend people but i am not considered? and what of the fact that it simply isnt possible to like everyone- not to say one dislike someone, but it is perfectly okay to be indifferent to someone?  if i liked and care for everyone, in reverse, that would mean that i dont like anyone particularly.

the igniter. PO. minnow. DO. human rights torch lady, heron lady, mysterious monk cellist, to name a few. you may chuckle because they sounds like super heroes.  and they are.

they tell me about the world.
not the world i want to see
nor the world they want.
but of the world.

they express their thoughts.
may conflict with my own.
but without fear of rejection and anger,
they express freely.

they dont easily shed tears for me.
not because i wont like it,
but because i dont need it,
as with them,
i will be able to stand and look into the world,
and find my footings again.
and while standing, i can wipe the tears.
and laugh.
because they help me to see
that the world is beautiful.

hence my world remains beautiful.
and i am free to laugh and sing again.
even scratchy as a black bird,
singing bird is always nicer than a mute one, stewing in anger.

as i wrap up another day, i look at the reminders of sanity- of these great people, in the midst of daily craziness. and i say with all my heart, i love you, friends.

ah how beautiful! i am so lucky! thank you all!

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