things from october, from wee monkey life in yyz

 a great scene: when the world is against you,
well, go with it to see where it goes!

 happiness is a drolly cat in a lovely home, snuggling.

 i wondered if they knew what was on the other side:
fish steaks.

 even in the middle of the city,
hymn of autumnal gold radiates.

 bicycle reborn!
must wait till sandy is gone and rain stops...
wait! now i can break in rain!

with open flesh wound,
torn and broken.

 gorgeous flowers that arrived with
gorgeous lady guest.

 having my daily wheaties.

 giraffe outside of my window one morning.
i live on 32nd floor...

 just in case the suburbanite joggers are super motivated...

 what happened here?
quiet sunday morning by a burger shop.

 aftermath of sandy.
it used to be a beautiful weeping willow.

'im a bit different but
you love me anyways'
had to try very hard to not take him home!

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