demo sessions: a bonus sneak preview

so, here is a peek of what the session may look like:

we have: quiet space, well-maintained piano, appropriate instruments and scores.

for visual, zoom recorder will record into a class10 SD card.

for audio, we have AT4050ST, which has two diapragmes/capsules in one casing, so we are still recording stereo.  this mic is connected to mackie 402, which powers it (through turning on 'phantom power' button), and then it will feed to three recorders: zoom, tascam and microtrack (which runs on battery, which will save you in case there is power outage). and you monitor the sound with good headphone (in this case, AKG K240s).

here's a funny thing:
so why is the back up with battery power important? well, if the power goes out, yes, mic will be silent, as mixer will be silent. so we arent recording anymore.  however, because of battery power, microtrack will stay alive, meaning you will be able to save the progress, in contrast to recorders without battery backup, which will simply fizzle and forgot if anything have happened at all.

so if the power goes out NOW, tascam's going to have an amnesia. but zoom and microtrack will give you the option to save.  this can make or break the day.

what you dont see:
gaff tape (always secure your lines so people wont trip. or your machines may fall to ground), spare medias (meaning appropriate things for each recorder: here, we would have compact flash and SD card), if you are going away, you may want a spare mic cable (however, better to test them on regular basis as they are heavy and bulky), sometimes a sandbag (to secure the mic stand), a notepad and pencil/pen.

and you let the session roll. yeah. this kiddie btw, totally killed his list. yeah.

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