piece of mind for UPS

the other day, i found this incredible recording of ian bostridge/julian drake doing winterreise music video. so i bought it. apparently it was supposed to come through canada post and it did so in just three days. except, i never got it.

the building post box was not being used because canada post was going through 'equipment change,' though i unfortunately heard postie talking to management about one of them losing keys to the mail room. sigh. so we had no mail delivered (only pick up in middle-no-where-cherry-beach, which take 15 min cab ride and no direct public transit there) and i can only assume it got lost in the pile of things as it never showed up here and postie said there was nothing there at the depot.

so amazon decided to redeliver using UPS.  i wasnt informed of it, so i assumed it was coming through canada post again.

so yesterday, i decided to look up the order and see what quackery was on.  well,apparently it has been delivered. to blaine. who the heck is blaine? it certainly aint my name.

amazon offers to cancel the order and refund the money.
meanwhile on chat, decided to call UPS.

UPS says driver went to deliver, no one was home, left sticky and that means you come pick it up in lakeshore.  that's what 'blaine' signature means.  i say i was home on that day in midday. no one knocked. no sticky was found anywhere. and i aint blaine.

this building with 34 floors, often afternoon courier delivery men who are getting tired with the day, does not wait for the elevator.  yes, elevators are slow and it's incredibly busy as one is now on 'service.'  so they often look at the line up for elevators, then just put stickies on the lobby and leave with package.  rarely, they will actually come up and leave a sticky on the recipient's door. this is how you tell at this building that they actually did come up.  if they did come up, why leave the stickies at the lobby?

with foot traffic, these stickies are often lost to oblivion. so no way to really assure that you even get that notice, unless they did come up and leave the sticky on your door.  hence, no sticky on my door, UPS man was being 'smart' that afternoon.

UPS help line then says: oops sorry. you can pick it up. i say no way. you arent charity. you are paid to deliver things. you neglect customers in this building by only attempting one delivery (contrast to the usual three), worse, you dont even make sure the notice gets to appropriate people.  not my problem your system isnt working. you get it to me tomorrow as i leave on sunday.  after much discussion on 'your company must try to meet the minimum standard regarding your contract,' of 25 min, lady says it'll be delivered by noon tomorrow, after learning i travel to europe in two days.

12:45pm, no goods. i call UPS, through number i found on canadian site. gets redirected as it's US system of UPS. asked why it's on canadian site then. they say it's just a structure. waste 2 min on waiting. gets to canadian agent. retell story again. her solution is to 'wait,' ask for the manager. wait 3 min on line.

manager takes the call and says there's nothing non-ordinary and that even when agent may request morning delivery, the drivers may not make it because of their routing.  shits hit the fan.

1. why are your agent telling partial information? she said it'll be there by noon. you say it CAN be there by noon, but not guaranteed. so why did she neglect to tell me that? so i am wasting the whole day here at your mercy?
"well that was mis-information. i am sorry"
but not sorry enough to do anything about it.

2. how do i even know the driver made an attempt to deliver the pkg? because your log says so? how do you explain lack of sticky then? that's what started this whole fiasco.
"there's nothing we can do to assure you"
of course not, you arent even assured.

3. why is this building only get one-shot delivery? you do three-attempts for others.
"it's a busy area."
you arent charging any less? discriminating based on traffic to maximize your profit? at cost of all the people who live in 34 floors of this place? nice.

4. you make no efforts to see if your driver actually communicated with receivers?
"that's what we do with post-it notes"
okay. well, why wasnt it on my door? im sure on one's trying to make me pop a vein by taking my UPS stickies off my door. i am forced to think your driver wanted early day off.  and you make no effort to follow up afterward? yeah, that's right, you do not care. though you know how to pronounce 'im sorry.'  if i had no sticky, how the heck am i supposed to know that you are holding onto my pkg? yeah, well, in 10+ business days you held to my pkg, you did not bother to let me know the second time. in normal areas, you would have made at least two more attempts. way to be unfair.

5. what do you want me to do now?
"i cant tell you to stay until 7pm, that's what's considered 'daytime.'"
right. so let me ask you, the only way to assure that i get this pkg is to stay till 7pm
"yes, and i am sorry."
no you arent. you may feel sorry for yourself now though.

6. how do i register my complaints?
"i would register the complaints internally to the local depot and the call agent."
i trust you how? you represent UPS, i cant!

7. what do you mean all the complaints are dealt internally with no feedback to customers or based on specific cases/requests? then how do i know that you will actually register my complaints?
"you should trust that i will."
 dude, you guys proudly put it on web that my name's blaine and i signed for my package. i dont think so.

8. it's impossible to tell you why this matters.  not only you are not fulfilling the contract between you and amazon, you fail to provide that minimal service you do for this building resident, which is 67% less work for you at 100% charge- unfair.  i have no trust in the company, because your internal systems does not work from what i have experience and since you arent transparent to customers, my only option is to trust you to be inept, lazy and only profit oriented.  and your call agents are not doing their job properly nor the drivers. so how should i believe you?

9. if you care, i hope you will actually register my concerns to your company. i cant help but to think you will completely disregard this conversation, swear about me once the conversation is over to your colleague, and send a meagre email notice to the local office to register a token complaint, and call it a job done.

but we, the customers depend on you to complete your contracts, as this is not charity and we paid for it.  your name is on it, along with company name. you do have an obligation.  and if the ethos of the company is to 'deliver joy,' clearly you are to care for your business (as shown on your homepage) or is UPS just lying to sell services that it has no interest of providing?

i cant force you, of course, you say you are sorry. well, i dont need you to be sorry. but if you are to do your job, you will communicate my points to your company internally. i will never know and i wont trust you, because of what have happened. so this is the end of conversation, i cannot thank you for the time, since all interactions with UPS seems that you are in practice of total disregard for customers as human beings but series of contracts, i can only wish that you will at least fulfill your job requirement.  good day.
"...thanks for your concern."

total call length yesterday: 21 min, today: 43 min. he did sound sorry by now though. he certainly wasnt at the beginning of the conversation. he was keep saying 'what do you want me to do?' which i kept replying 'well, what does your job require you to do at this point?'  crazy. poor dude. i may have beat him up but it's not personal. im merely asking them to do their job. this is not charity.

and now i wait.
till the driver shows up.
a day of frustration.

and yes, i just sent this blog link to UPS canada.
they prob wont care. but they should at least be informed.

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  1. and... no delivery at all for today!
    i waited in vain from 9am to 7pm.
    they misinform, they do not hold up their own words, they always say "there's nothing to be done."

    and making only single attempt for delivery where all the other areas are given three-tries? this is the biggest problem. the residents of this building does not matter to UPS and they dont even care to inform us of our 'second-tier' treatment.

    im going to follow it through with amazon and UPS as this is one of the worst commercial interaction i have ever had.