reassurance of UPS?

following up with UPS is fun i think...
the latest on the UPS adventure!

UPS Reply:
Thank you for providing the requested tracking number. 
UPS is enhancing its residential delivery process to better serve our customers and keep your package safe. Picking up your package from a UPS Store or UPS Collection Point provides flexibility and convenience for you instead of having to make alternate arrangements or waiting for a UPS driver.
Your package is readily available for pick up at the following address: (a depot in toronto)
You will require a government issued picture ID and one of the following: 
- Information notice number 
- Postcard number 
- Tracking number 

(i dont have your notice ticket. you really didnt read my complaints.)

I sincerely apologize for the problems you have experienced with the shipment and the inconvenience this has caused. Your frustration is understandable.

If we may assist you in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks,  UPS

Monkey Reply:
dear UPS,
you state that my package is ready for pick up now, which makes it very clear for me that you have not read any of my feed backs.

i do not really understand how UPS is attempting to improve its services when you actually no longer attempts to deliver the packages, rather asking the recipients to come to you to pick it up. in this case, i believe your company misrepresents itself as a courier company. you are depot/pick-up service provider.  in fact, UPS, by doing so, clearly states to me that it is no longer interested in providing adequate services with reasonable staffing, hence forcing the customers to comply with limited and cut-back services.  

if the building is too busy to accommodate properly, that should be dealt internally by increasing the manpower required to provide proper service. refusing to do so and making customers an active part of your solution is  bad business philosophy i believe.  doing it in silence (as you seem to be doing) is even more problematic. what is your actual policy? why cant i find it or why cant you send me that?

and i am frustrated that none of the correspondences/communications through email and calls have explained the case of 'lost' information ticket. what is the current practice? 

where does the driver leave the tickets? what is the reason for not leaving the tickets on the door but on the lobby, which makes it impossible to believe that the driver even bothered to come up to the final destination?  where was my ticket left? 

what is the procedure to compensate for 'lost tickets' that are left in neglect in public areas of big residential buildings such as mine- as i see no effort from UPS to follow up on the notification to recipient process, which means the 'lost tickets' become customer's problems, hence letting UPS to recast the blame to the customers rather than owing up to malpractice.

now, lets get back to this particular case.  i think you must be rather lax in your readings of my complaints.  i did clearly explain that i was leaving to europe on weekened, hence sacrificing the entire day to a package that was promised to be delivered to the end of the day.  

i am now in england and therefore, i am not able to pick the package as you suggests, as the most convenient solution.  this kind of replies are prone to make people sarcastic.  did you read my reply?  if so, what made you think that i am able to come down and pick up my parcel?  are you suggesting that i leave my government-issued ID with another to pick up a simple package from you hence going without it for a month?  would you do that?

since you so freely offer to follow up further complaints, i am requesting my second complaint, which you attempted to answer and have failed spectacularly, to be followed up by the next level manager, as clearly, i have to believe you have done your best at this point, which is not solving the initial problem, but to add another:  the lack of care or lack of reading comprehension skills of the workers of UPS.  

i think this is important issue to be discussed for the company, as communication skills should be the foremost important skill along with understanding of procedures and company policies to actually answer the questions that has been asked. somehow, you have managed to not answer any questions but to add more.

regarding your apology, i am assuming that there will be another one due for me, as of last email, you have managed to reveal another problem of UPS: inept workers and/or subpar quality of work.  or please do feel free to explain what the apology is for- is it really for me? for what?

so please, do send my reply to the appropriate personnel, i will be forwarding this entire thread to amazon.ca today, in hope that may be you will answer them as you are not answering  me at all.

what a waste of time, thanks for reply which is not a reply. it is a statement or notification, if this confuses you, i suggest you look up the definitions in traditional scholarly dictionaries. these are now widely available online for free.

looking forward to hear back from you, and i hope you can answer my questions and accusations.

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