you asked for it UPS

1. why did you send an email? -something else

if some other reason, what was the nature of your inquiry?-initial inquiry was to resolve the situation of un-notified and undelivered package that has been on hold in local depot centre since 21 november 2012.

i have given up on trying to get my package delivered, as i am leaving town today for a month. i lost a day's worth of work as i had to cancel the day to receive this package, as it contains a christmas gift for an important person in my life. however, it wont be here by the time depart to england.
the customer support service is atrocious as call agents clearly expressed lack of authority or control over actual execution over the solutions they provide over the phone.

the fact this particular building getting only 1 delivery attempt in comparison to the usual 3 attempts is unacceptable and ethically wrong, as the senders still pay 100% cost for maximum 33% of service expected.  and that this knowledge is held in silence and has not been disclosed to the building residents. this info has been given over the phone through the agent.

2. (i was a receiver)

3. you found it easy to interact wit UPS? -strongly disagree
-i never got the notification sticker on my door, which is likely to been left at the lobby; i do not understand why the sticker would be left at the lobby if the driver actually have came up to my unit as the lobby is a busy place and with traffic, such things may be lost easily.  rarely couriers leave the stickers on the individual's door, which makes it more likely for the notice to be delivered.

since there is no logical explanation to 'leaving it in lobby,' except not being able to get through the lobby to residential area through locked door. however, the buzzer is linked to my housemate's cell phone and there has been no record of anyone calling through the buzzer on assumed day of delivery.

and UPS call centre agents give misinformation, partial information; even at a call centre manager level, he wasnt able to give any satisfactory answers to my complaints/inquiry.

4. UPS was able to satisfy your request? - strongly disagree-nothing was delivered, so no.
and given false promise for 'morning' delivery, i lost morning's work.

in addition, having to wait till 7pm (the 'end of the day'), i had to cancel rest of my work, which is unacceptable.
and it did not get here. the time that i spent on contacting UPS and amazon is also a waste of time as there is no result to speak of, except personal frustration and missing parcel.

5. it was a pleasure to interacvt with UPS representative? - strongly disagree-the only answer that was consistent over the phone was :'there is nothing i could do.'
this is the kind of support you provide to a conflicted situation? it's not a support but an evasion of responsibility.

also, the idea that 'items are held at depot for your convenience' is disagreeable.
UPS makes single delivery attempt because this is busy area- once again, only 33% of the service is provided to residents of this building.  this is unfair and unethical.

you are a courier company, not a local depot/pick up service. if you lack the logistics/manpower to properly handle the volume of service required in this area, clearly the company is skimping on proper staffing.

6. Based upon your interaction today, how likely are you to recommend UPS to a colleague or friend? -strongly disagree
-i am so appalled with the situation, i have published my frustration on personal blog. i am considering a campaign in my building to veto UPS until a clear and just change is made to fix the current problem.

7.  If every interaction with UPS was like this one and your shipping needs remained the same, will you desire to use UPS decrease, stay the same, or increase? - decrease
-are you joking?

8. Please provide any additional feedback or comments about your experience.

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