a short thought on conflict

1. you think i have control issue (fair)
2. may be it's because you also have control issue? (i think very fair)

because, you see, if you are not trying to control me, perhaps you would not think im trying to control you....

this makes me feel inquisitive (what am i doing?) and silly (eeeek. didnt mean to be oppressive).

perhaps the balance is in accepting the fact we all have desires and ideas and we need to let certain decisions to be made, if brutally put, regardless of individual principles.  however, i will try to not forget that if someone finds another oppressive, perhaps it's a mutual situation. heck, it's usually a mutual situation.

after all, we care because we love.
including conflicts, ha!

loads love! :)

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  1. and day ends with awesome feelings.
    holy cow. so much synergy in this world.
    thanks loads, peeps!